Bud Light promoted by Carlos Mencia

Bud Light’s Super Bowl 2007 launch includes two spots featuring stand-up comedian Carlos Mencia. In Classroom Carlos plays a teacher trying to teach his immigrant students how to pronounce “Bud Light” in different parts of the country. In the South, he says, it’s “Hey, feller, give me a Buuud Laht.” In New York, it’s “Gimme a Bud Light. You got a problem wit dat?” Most important, if someone asks you for a Bud Light, it’s “I no speak English!”. In “Tea Party” Carlos is called in for inspiration when a man arrives home with his pal to watch the football, only to discover his wife has invited her friends around for a hens party. What would Carlos Mencia do? Carlos arrives to demonstrate his approach…

Carlos Mencia in Bud Light Classroom TV commercial

Click on the image below to play the Classroom video.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Bud Light Carlos Mencia spots were developed at Austin advertising agency LatinWorks, by chief creative officer Sergio Alcocer, copywriters Erik Hernandez and Carter Pagel, art director Seth Taylor, senior account supervisor Allison Freund, and executive producer Michael McLaughlin.

Filming was directed by Chris Koch via Konk, with executive producers David Kerwin and Jeanine Brand, producer Kim Shapiro, director of photography Don Matthew Smith, art director Wayne Smith and stylist Heather Cox.

Editing at The Whitehouse was by Matthew Wood, assistant editor Sam Puglise-Kipley and producer Joni Wright.

The team at online company Vendetta Post included online editors/VFX artists Crawford Reilly and Peter Mayor with online / VFX assistant Shauna Prescott.

Sound and music were designed at AZ Los Angeles by creative director Alonso Zevallos and Gonzalo Ugartehe.

Telecine was developed at Company 3 by colorist David Hussey with producer Denise Brown.

LatinWorks already host a few earlier Hispanic Budweiser spots:


A wedding MC interrupts a wedding dance to separate the crowd into friends of the bride and friends of the groom. There’s one man left. He’s just there for the Bud Light. Though he has seen the bride before – on the internet.

Final scene from Bud Light Wedding ad



A Spanish speaker turns up at a bar and attempts to order two Budweisers. Another Latino takes him aside, saying, “No, no, bro, no. It’s not pronounced “bouguaise! It’s Bud… gueiiii…ser. Your lips against your lips. Vu… rrr. as in carrrrro. En Tierra de Ciegos. El Tuerto Es Rey. (The blind leading the blind).

Final scene from Budweiser Pronunciation ad


A Timeshare salesman is surprised to discover that his potential client is not interested in investing $50000 for five visits a year. After six hours of showing him around the resort the client reveals that he lives across the street and has just come over for the Bud Light.


A group of young men take their long swag on a trip by sea, train and taxis to see the FIFA World Cup in Germany. Finally it is revealed what their swag holds – a huge Mexican flag.