BTAA Award Winners for 2007

The British Television Advertising Awards of 2007 were announced earlier this month. The Thinkbox Award, for best television commercial of the year, went to Sony Bravia Paint. The BACC Award for most successful advertising agency of the year was Mother. The BTAA Fellowship, sponsored by Adstream, acknowledging an outstanding contribution to the production of commercials, went to Aardman Animations. The AFM Lighting Award, for the most successful production company of the year, went to Gorgeous Enterprises.

BTAA Gold Award Winners 2007

Gold Awards

Carlsberg: Old Lions for Alcoholic Drinks, Best over 90 second TV, Cinema/TV commercial
Sony Bravia, Paint Best 90 second TV commercial, European, Household Appliances
PG Tips, The Return Beverages
BBC Radio 2, Elvis Introductions: Cinema/TV, Television and Radio Station Promotions
MTV, Idiots: Public Service Advertising

Silver Awards

MTV Idiots for Best 60 second TV commercial, European
Audi A6 Satellite for Best 60 second TV commercial, Cars
Pot Noodle Intro for Best 60 second TV commercial
PG Tips, The Return for Best over 90 second TV commercial
Pot Noodle Noodle Mine for Canned, Frozen and Dried Food
Marmite Mother for Canned, Frozen and Dried Food
VW Tea for Cars, Best 30 second TV commercial
Half Moon Theatre Wonderful World Charity
NSPCC Fun Run for Charity (TV Only) Direct Response
Camelot Bag of Smiles for Corporate
Honda Museum for Corporate
NSPCC Caravan for Direct Response
Coca Cola Video Game for International
Toyota Humanity for International
Nike Pretty for Retail
VW Test, Hidden Camera, Tea, Horses Mouth for Series
Pot Noodle, Intro, Song, Italy Wales, Fuel Crisis for Series
Hutchison 3 Expo for Telecommunications Services (Networks)
XFM Roadies for Television and Radio Station Promotions
Dove Zebra Stripes for Toiletries
TfL The Day You Went To Work for Transport and Travel

Bronze Awards

Diageo, Extra Cold Guinness Fish for Best 10 second TV commercial
Carlsberg Booking for Best 20 second TV commercial
McCain Sunflower Park for Best 60 second TV commercial, Frozen and Dried Food
Camelot, Bag of Smiles for Best 60 second TV commercial
Sky One, Come Home to the Simpsons, Best 60 second TV commercial, Cinema/TV, Television and Radio Station Promotions
Honda Museum Best 90 second TV commercial, Cars
Nimble, Builder for Breads and Cereals
Pot Noodle Italy Wales for Canned, Frozen and Dried Food
The Prince’s Trust Footsteps for Charity TV Only
Anorexia Awareness Scary Tale for Charity TV Only, Public Service Advertising
Lynx Keeping Score Cinema/TV, European, Toiletries
Clarks Horse Riding for Clothing
Cancer Research Formaldehyde Russell, Public Service Advertising
Boots Summer Rush for Retail
Hutchison 3 Expo, Silk, Balloon, Campfire for Series
IRN BRU The Snowman for Soft Drinks (0% Alcohol)
Vaseline Sea for Toiletries

Diploma Awards

WKD Bath Dime
Guinness Hands
Guinness Extra Cold Fish
Guinness Extra Cold Mudskipper
Guinness Extra Cold Pub
Talk Talk Balloon
Talk Talk Dandelion
Guinness Pub
AutoTrader/MTV 12 Days of Christmas
Lynx Keeping Score
Against Breast Cancer Anyone
PG Tips Natural
NSPCC Caravan
Childline Masks
Greenpeace Gas Guzzlers
Kit Kat Russian Linesman
The Prince’s Trust Footsteps
Anorexia Awareness Scary Tale
Marks & Spencer Ice Hotel
Marks & Spencer M&S Kids
BBC Electric Proms Punky Punk, It Ain’t Dunno, Sanchia
Tango Clear Bravo
Hutchison 3 Talk Silk
118 118 Choir
VW The Wrap Wanderer
Orange Ride

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