Brett Lee and Asha Bhosle – You Are The One For Me

Australian pace bowler Brett Lee has joined up with Hindi singer Asha Bhosle in a music video that hit number four on the Indian charts in its first week. Lee plays the part of a blond Westerner attempting to win the heart of a Hindi speaking young woman in her office, singing and playing accoustic guitar. 74 year old Asha translates his English into Hindi and then teaches him to speak and sing Hindi himself.

Brett Lee You are the One for Me

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You Are The One For Me was shot by director Abhishek Ashok Mehrotra and director of photography Sahil Kapoor.

The music video is part of a larger project, “Asha and Friends”, conceptualised by Shamir Tandon, CEO of Virgin Records India, and produced by wireless telephone network Mauj. Tandon first suggested to Asha Bhosle that they producer a collaboration album with well known singers. Asha put a little twist into the proposal by suggesting that they approach capable singers not publicly known for their talent.

Tandon says it was a huge challenge to create a balance between a legend like Asha and celebrities who were not regular singers. “But Asha’s choice of singers is fantastic, and the project has turned out very well,” he adds.

Asha Bhonsle said β€œI have been an avid Cricket fan, so naturally I know almost all cricket players. I knew Brett Lee could sing and strum. He’s young, goodlooking, intelligent and a singer,” she said.

Brett Lee You are the One for Me

Lee has been a member of Australian band Six & Out, a group of five New South Wales Blues first class cricketers. They recorded “Six & Out” and “Eleven” in 2000, along with “Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw”, before releasing an album in 2002, “Bring It On!”.

Asha Bhosle is a prolific recording artist known for her work in the Bollywood industry. She has recorded more than 12,000 songs in 14 languages, and been involved in more than 900 films. Asha and her sister Lata Mangeshkar were immortalised in 1997 by British indie outfit, Cornershop, in the song Brimful of Asha.

Lee recorded the song in a gap between two Champions Trophy matches in Chandigarh and Mohali. The music video was filmed in his hotel. Lee told the Sydney Morning Herald, “We had a break in between games last year, so I wrote the lyrics in half an hour and we headed up to a studio in Mohali to record it. Then we hired a room in our hotel in Mumbai to shoot the video. I have been shooting commercials since I was 20, so it all came pretty naturally.”

The album, “Asha and Friends, Vol. 1” has six tracks, two of which are remixes. Asha thought of Sanjay Dutt, well known Bollywood actor, after seeing him as Murli (Munna) Prasad Sharma in Munnabhai MBBS. Also involved were Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar and the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs from Zee TV.

1. Aapke Dil Mein – Asha Bhosle and Sanjay Dutt
2. Aapke Dil Mein (Dance Mix by Babli) – Asha Bhosle and Sanjay Dutt
3. Haan Main Tumhara Hoon – Asha Bhosle and Brett Lee
4. Haan Main Tumhara Hoon (Big Snare Mix by Anirban B) – Asha Bhosle and Brett Lee
5. Mehbooba Dilruba – Asha Bhosle and Urmila Matondkar
6. Zamane Mein Aaye Deewane Naye – Asha Bhosle and Zee Lil Champs

Lyrics for Haan Main Tumhaara Hoon by Brett Lee

Can you tell a girl you don’t know that you’re the one for me?
Do you walk right up or play it cool or simply let her be?
Can you tell a girl you don’t know that you’re the one for me?
Do you walk right up or play it cool or simply let her be?

I know I’m different, I’m not from here
I’m just another guy
With blond hair it’s hard to hide
I think I caught your eye.

Words in Hindi sung by Asha…

Jaao jaao jaao tum baatein yu banaao naa zara
main hindustani ladkii hu…sharmati hu zara

Jaao jaao jaao tum baatein yun banaao naa zara
main hindustani ladki hu…sharmati hu zara
Agar tumne socha tumne mere dil ko jeet liya
toh ek baar socho ohh buddhu aisaa kyun kiyaa

Please give me one chance
I know I’m not Indian
I promise I’ll make you laugh
I’ll even learn some Hindi
Do you like me yet? And can we call this fate?
I really like you girl
Can we go on just one date? (one date)

Jaldi jaldi jaldi jaldi bohut hai jaldi tum sab ladko ko
around the world tum ek se ho aur ho sabhi buddhu (What?)
Pehle dil mera jeet lo phir sochenge Brett Lee
Main aisi waisi naa hu
Main hu badee nakhrelii

Playing hard to get are we?
It’s time I went away…
But hold your breath
I don’t give up
I’m back again in May

Peeche peeche peeche zara bhago tum main sochungii thoda
tum aate rahon tum jaate rahon shayad ban jaaye jodaa

You had a chance and blew it now
as the sun goes down
and when night falls you’re by yourself
I am not around

Oh please please please come back to me…
I really want you my love..
I really want you my love..
Kya tum mere ho
Kya mere hii rahogee
Jaise bhi ho tum
Kya waise hii rahogee

Lee finishes the song by singing to the young woman in Hindi…

Haan main tumhara hoon
Tumhara hii rahoonga
Haan main tumhara hoon
Tumhara hii rahoonga

Kya tum mere ho?

Of course

Haan main tumhara hoon
Tumhara hii rahoonga
Haan main tumhara hoon
Tumhara hii rahoonga
Haan main tumhara hoon
Tumharaaaaa hiiiiii rahoongaaaa

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