BP Say Hey Make Gas Stations A Little Better

British Petroleum (BP) launched an advertising campaign this month featuring a series of animated cartoons. Three television commercials, Fuels, Babies and Lighthouse, were launched on April 4 as a central part of a campaign designed to show BP’s renewed commitment to make things ‘a little better’ for their customers. The TV ads, along with print, point-of-sale and internet advertising, are centred on a cast of animated characters whose lives connect with the BP gas station.

BP Say Hey commercial

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The Say Hey campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by creative director David Fowler, art director Don Miller, copywriter Ryan Ingram, senior producer Maria Garelli, management supervisor Thomas Teare.

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Animation was produced at Mekansim, San Francisco, under the direction of Ian Kovalik, executive producer Jason Harris, producers Chris Weldon and Melissa Duggan. Editorial and post production staff included illustrator Richard Krolewicz.

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Mekanism was approached by Ogilvy & Mather to help launch a new retail brand advertising campaign and deliver the right look and feel for BP’s signature identity. Looking for clean, strong, and simple, almost 1960’s-style design scheme that would really stand out on television, Ogilvy was drawn to the success of Mekanism’s previous design and animation work with Napster.

Mekanism executive producer Jason Harris notes that, “The great thing about this campaign is that the characters are not only starring in the spots, but will be seen online, at retail locations, outdoor ads, and ultimately will find their way onto hats, stickers, bags, and other merchandise found at BP stations all over the world.”

Message of the BluesAdditional post production/effects were done at Juicebox Animation by animators Cliff Mueller, Oliver Moore, executive producer Alex Brownell.

Music was composed by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau at Beacon Street Studios, Venice LA. Feltenstein and Nau, through Beacon St, have released another (longer) version of the song, LA, as performed by Message of the Blues. The track can be downloaded for a fee from the MySpace site.

Audio Post was done at Lime, Eleven and Audio Engine.

  • Brandon

    BTW, the song is a variant of “LA” by Message of the Blues, performed by them. If BP was smart, they’d release a full-length track of “Say Hey” on iTunes. It has summer radio hit written all over it.

  • Mj

    Come out with a radio hit of Say Hey… I love it.. Make it full length! I searched for it and there isnt one so make it!!

  • Jason

    I want to by the song

  • Actually I just read at Slate that they are releasing a full length version of the Say Hey song this summer.

  • Zack

    REALLY? I love that song, and I can’t find it anywhere except buying it through myspace. Do you know when they are releasing the full version, or where it will be available?

  • Monica

    This is a great song, I’ve been looking for it everywhere! I am happy to hear they are releasing the song as a single this summer. I think it will be this summer’s theme song for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie

    I love this song, say hey! You can put that music player with the song LA in your myspace. Just copy from the embedded part.

  • Somebody

    I LOVE that songgg! On miniclip, they have a game where you fill gas..etc., and I pause the game just in order to listen to the song! I want it on youtubeee!

  • Say hey!, make the lakes a little more deadly, say hey!, make the sludge a little more deadly, say hey!, work around the Federal EPA…say hey!, who cares about your health today?

    Say hey!

    A great little jingle, and how cutsie are the little characters, but if you live anywhere near IL, IN, or anywhere downstream of the St. Lawrence River…Be afraid, be very afraid…Oh yeah, you might invest in some charcoal based, water purification RO system for your household drinking water SOON!!!

  • Devo

    If I didn’t spend 15 minutes looking up this stupid radio ad on the internet, I would have no idea what the voice in the song was saying. I guess it worked because I was so friggin’ irritated with the mush mouth phrase, I had to see who the morons were that produced this low rent ad, and what was actually being said ! Next time find a phrase that people can at least understand. What a joke ! You actually got paid to create this forgettable drivel ?