Bored of waiting for a seeing eye dog

Bored of waiting for something to happen? So are the 2000 people who could use a Seeing Eye Dog. Please donate to shorten their wait. Call 1800 PUPPYS or visit That’s the message you will find after watching a blind person tapping a white cane for literally minutes on YouTube.

Boring Viral

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This ad was developed at Tribal DDB Australia, Melbourne and Rapp Collins.

From the SEDA site:

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia provides Australians who are blind or vision impaired with the opportunity to participate as active members of the community. For a person who is blind, a Seeing Eye Dog is often essential in enabling them to be independent and active within the community. Their dog can provide mobility and security that might otherwise be threatened by everyday obstacles. Raised and trained to be a guide and friend, our dogs go through an extensive process before they are qualified and matched with a loving companion. This process takes up to two years before graduation.