Bodog Fantasy Football in the Bedroom

Bodog Entertainment has released a steamy viral video featuring the fantasies of the young male viewers in Bodog’s sights: boobs and football. A young man sits in his bedroom, reading a magazine. His bedroom door rattles, opening to allow the entry of a scantily clad young woman. She walks straight up to his bed, forcing him on to his back. As she removes her top he stares in wonder at the fantasy foobs… The tagline: “There’s a fantasy for everyone”.

Fantasy girl in Bodog Fantasy viral ad

Bodog Entertainment offers a host of entertainment services, including: online gaming; an international record label, Bodog Music, a million-dollar band search competition, Bodog Battle, a publishing division (with an online magazine, Bodog Nation, and blog, Bodog Beat, and an international television production division, BodogTV. This ad promotes, a fantasy football site. All sites have in the last day been transferred to a new domain name in the wake of a successful court challenge ruling that the domain name should be handed over to another online betting agency. Within a day of the court ruling the Bodog company had registered new domain names, adding the word ‘new’, and transferred all content.


The Bodog Fantasy Bedroom ad was developed at Riptown, Vancouver.

Filming was shot by director Matthew Swanson, Steam Films.

Bodog Waterfall

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