Bob Sinclair Sound of Freedom

French DJ and music producer Bob Sinclair has collaborated with Cutee B, Dollarman and Gary Nesta Pine to release a music video for his track, “Sound of Freedom”.

Bob Sinclair in Sound of Freedom music video

Click on the image below to play the video.

Sound of Freedom (Radio Edit) by Bob Sinclar & Cutee B featuring Gary Pine & Dollarman – online at iTunes

Lyrics for Sound of Freedom

Now here it is
It comes a time
when everyone need a little relaxation,
you know
Run it
Listen this tune ya,
listen this (And so it’s said)
Another Bob Sinclair track
With a man called Cutee B and Dollarman
(Yes man!)
You got to believe

Everybody’s free
(Got to be free now)
Feel Good
(Sing it) (Got to feel good about you girl)
Everybody’s free
(Rastaman woo yeah)
(Got to be, Got to be, Got to be free)
This is the sound of freedom

Time to get down the dance floor
Come on let ya self go
Sweat till you can’t sweat no more
Oh girl if you reach iIll give you more
When I go down them to the floor
DJ! Gimme some more
Tonight me confident I’m not leaving till the party is done


Jump up gal, move your body to the left
Jump up, move your body to the right
Nobody can stop you tonight
No gal look sweet like you tonight
Every man have their eyes on you
Gal your coming home with me tonight, right
You better believe that
Dollarman will do you right


Don’t care what people say
Free yourself, let yourself go
Sweet music is playin’
Free yourself, let yourself go
Release that stress
Free yourself, let yourself go

Yeah, listen up people
Everybody gotta be,
be yourself, be yourself now
You got to live your life free, sure
Don’t worry ’bout a thing, just be yourself yeah
Everybody’s got to be free

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