Bluefly ordered for The Catch

Bluefly, the New York-based fashion and lifestyle e-commerce company, has produced a new advertising campaign to promote its line of lingerie and business clothing. In a new series of television commercials airing this week, Bluefly invites professional women to ponder what they would wear to the office following a weeknight sleepover with a date. “The Catch” begins with a simple dinner invitation from one young lawyer to another. This leads to surprisingly steamy consequences in a very public place. The next morning, they find themselves at his apartment, where a package mysteriously arrives at his door. It’s from It’s for her. But how did Bluefly know to send the package here? How indeed? She knew it would end this way all along. He’s been “caught.”

Bluefly The Catch

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“The woman in our latest commercial is imaginative and remains one step ahead of her love interest after a little planning ahead,” said Melissa Payner, President and CEO of Bluefly. “She represents what we imagine the Bluefly customer to be – confident, stylish and always prepared.”


Bluefly worked with New York-based advertising firm McCaffery Gottlieb & Lane to create the television campaign. The MGL team included creative director Bill Lane, art director Sven Mohr, executive producer Gary Bass and producer Sherry Lubbers.

Filming was directed by Tony Goldwyn, via Independent Media (web site restricted to registered users), Santa Monica, with director of photography Janusz Kaminski (known for his work with Spielberg), executive producer Susanne Preissler, producer Adam Cramer and line producer Lindsay Skutch.

Editor for The Catch was Scott Gaillard from Outside Edit, with executive producer Sila Soyer and assistant editor Michael Sullivan. Online editor was Steve Mottershead.

According to Scott the challenging, as well as rewarding, aspects to this project were the strong narrative elements. “The storyline was broken up into three acts,” he explains. “I first cut a 2-minute version, which everyone liked encapsulating the entire story. Then the challenge was creating each version, making sure each story point was included.”

Music for Bluefly The Catch was composed by Ravi Krishnaswami from Sacred Noise with executive producer Jason Menkes. Sound was designed Berwyn Audio, New York by Eric Thompson and Brett Fuchs.

The ad can be seen online at and at YouTube. A poll on asks fashionistas their opinion of the heroine in this commercial and challenges them to decide what they would do in a similar situation.