Bloom Women Spread Good Energy

Del Monte Food commissioned a print, outdoor and interactive campaign for Bloom Energy, an energy drink targeting women 25 to 40 years old. Using the tagline “Spread Good Energy,” the campaign introduces a drink with real fruit (choice of mango/passionfruit, cran/raspberry, wildberry), antioxidants, calcium and a serving of optimism. The ads depict women participating in various activities where spreading energy is needed. People with good energy make the world a better place. They smile instead of scowl. They compliment strangers. They give gifts for no reason at all.

Yoga class in Bloom print ad

A group of women participate in a happy hour yoga class. A teacher acts as role model for her students. A super hero mom adjusts her young daughter’s angel costume. Three women play hooky, taking the afternoon off and biking at the beach. Each ad includes two words, the second of which incorporates the fruit on the Bloom can as the letter O.

School teacher with children in Bloom print ad

Creative drives traffic to the newly launched Bloom Energy Web site, (not to be confused with Online ads are running on iVillage, Daily Candy and CitySearch; outdoor ads can be found in transit shelters and shopping mall kiosks.

Mother and child in Bloom print ad

Cyclists in Bloom print ad


This Bloom ‘Spread Good Energy’ campaign was developed at Maiden Lane, San Francisco, by chief creative officer John Maxham, art director Jean-Pierre Bovie, copywriter Rustie Kaster and photographer Laura Crosta.

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