Bloody Legends of Land Transport New Zealand

In 2006 Land Transport New Zealand targeted the families, friends and workmates of would-be drunk drivers with an advertising campaign encouraging them to stop drinkers from getting behind the wheel. The tagline, ‘If you stop a drink driver, you’re a bloody legend’, is the corrollary of the existing tagline, “If you drink and drive, you’re a bloody idiot”.

If you stop a drink driver, you're a bloody legend Stop a drink driver, before this does

Let your missus take your mate home Take your mate to bed

Feel like a shit now? How would you feel if you let your mate drink and drive? Get him to crash at your place

Land Transport New Zealand Advertising Manager Rachel Prince says the new ad takes the responsibility for stopping drink-driving a step further than traditional ads.

“This advertisement targets the people associated with the drunk-driver rather than directly targeting the would-be offender. It encourages friends, family and workmates – the people that can influence a drink-driver – to take ownership of the problem, speak out and stop the person from making a bad decision. Most people don’t drink alone. They drink with mates, family members, neighbours and so on. These are the people who have the power to take action and prevent drink-driving tragedies from happening.”

In spite of significant gains in the past 20 years, drink-driving remains the second largest cause of death and injury on New Zealand roads. Each year, nearly 2000 people are killed or injured in drink-driving crashes.

Put a drink driver in a taxi. Bloody legend


The Bloody Legends campaign was developed by Paul Graham (Ministry of Transport) and Rachel Prince (LTSA Advertising Manager) with Clemenger BBDO, Wellington, whose team included director of interactive Michael Gregg, group account director Linda Major, account manager Briony Small. Media planner was Annabelle Gazley.

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