Biss Magazin Helps Homeless Without Shells in Munich

Biss Magazin, Munich’s social issues street magazine, is sold by homeless or once-homeless people. Biss (translated as Bite in English) is short for “Burger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten”(Citizens in Difficulty). Every month 40,000 copies of the magazine are sold for DM 2.50, of which the registerered vendor receives DM 1.30. The magazine was launched in 1993 by journalists, social service agencies and church leaders looking for a way to help homeless people get back on their feet. The magazine is similar in focus to the UK-based Big Issue. The current print advertising campaign for Biss Magazin features three animals who carry their own homes, the snail, turtle and shellfish, hosting human beings. The copy: “Nature doesn’t provide everyone with a home. Help homeless by buying this magazine.”

Biss Magazin Turtle print ad

Biss Magazin Snail print ad
Biss Magazin Shell print ad


The Biss Magazin print campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany by creative director Joerg Jahn, art director Marc Ebenwaldner, copywriter Alexander Schierl, with Munich photographer Niko Schmid-Burgk.