Bioshock in Rapture Beyond The Sea

BioShock, the video game developed by 2K Games Australia, was released recently with a vivid television commercial, rated M for mature audiences. The videogame is set in a place called Rapture. The player enters the world of Rapture, under the sea, an environment in which a scientist has played with the laws of genetics. Ironically set against the strangely appropriate, classic Bobby Darin track, “Beyond the Sea,” the protagonist is bombarded by mutants, nonstop gunfire, “Little Sisters” and “Big Daddies”, the game’s most imposing characters, while wielding some impressive weaponry of his own. The advertisement itself is rated R18.

Bioshock Rapture screenshot

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2K Games San Francisco advertising staff in San Francisco included president Christoph Hartmann, SVP marketing Sarah Anderson and senior product manager Tom Bass.

The Bioshock advertising campaign was developed at RDA International, New York, by creative director Dave Rogan and Brian Musich, VP client services Bunny Rivera, client services Elizabeth Consedine, and producer Adrian Lichter.

“BioShock is more than just a first person shooter” states Bunny Rivera. “It’s a completely original experience never seen before in gaming… we call it a genetically enhanced shooter. To that end, the BioShock marketing campaign needed to be just as original as the game was. We wanted a campaign that was completely integrated and actively involved our consumer base.”

Working closely with 2K’s development and marketing teams, RDA utilized an integrated approach that included many vehicles, including a 2-sided print insert, multiple TV spots and trailers, and an online community called, “The Cult of Rapture”. The BioShock television commercial, which made its debut last week, is a breakthrough motion graphics marvel. The spot serves up a disturbing and harrowing experience in Rapture, BioShock’s crumbling undersea city. The decrepit, biologically altered denizens of this once-grand art deco universe descend upon the viewer, as the bulk of the intense action takes place in the first-person POV of the game.

“We wanted to create an epic cinematic experience for the viewer,’’ notes Rogan, “but we also wanted it to be completely true to the actual game experience. BioShock, the characters, and the world of Rapture are all so visually compelling, we thought the best way to hook the audience was literally transport them into the middle of the insanity and just let ‘er rip.”

“The game is amazing,” continues Rivera, “so with the television spot, we really felt challenged to create something equally amazing. 2K was actively involved every step along the way. It was a real collaborative effort. The spot is stunning, and its effectiveness, thankfully, is speaking for itself.”

Little sister and big daddy in Bioshock TV ad

Filming and animation were created by creative director/director Limore Shur and CG/animation director Stuart Simms via EyeballNYC, New York, with art director Mauricio Leon, executive producer Amy Kindred, producer Mike Sullo, production coordinator Erica Hirshfeld, and production assistant Barry Gilbert.

Sound was designed by Jesse Peterson at Expansion Team, with creative director Alex Moulton, executive producer April Jaffe, production coordinator Paige Weissman.

Bioshock Rapture screenshot