Bigpond Music Download Bar

Bigpond, Australian telecommunications provider, is promoting the capacity of users to download music online (in WMA format). A download bar shows a wide range of CD cases, with the text, “Download over 500,000 tracks on BigPond.”

Download CDs at Bigpond

Bigpond Credits

The Bigpond music download advertisement was developed at BWM Sydney, Australia, by executive creative director Rob Belgiovane, copywriter Dean Hamilton, art director Jake Rusznyak, agency producer Ali Dent with photographer Jesper Nielsen.

There’s a remarkable similarity with another print advertisement for Sony’s Microvault, featuring a USB storage stick with CDs, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sony Microvault USB stick with CDs

128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 2GB and now 5GB, Mega Storage. Microvault

Sony Credits

The Microvault advertisement was developed at Tonic Communications, Dubai, by creative director Vincent Raffray, art director Peter Walker and copywriter Vincent Raffray.