Big Yellow Storage Tide Effect

Big Yellow Self Storage promoted its services in the UK in April with a stop motion 30 second TV advert, featuring waves of household objects crashing into a room and receding again. The first wave, representing the possessions of children, brings a bike, dolls, soft toys, toy cars, blocks and a large ball. The second wave, a brings CDs and vinyl LPs, cables, musical instruments, skateboards, headphones, books and folders. The third wave represents the possessions of adults: dinner services, household appliances, a piano, pots and pans, lamp shades and furniture. The fourth wave tumbles into the corridor of a Big Yellow storage facility: boxes, a couch, television and lamp stand all moving into a cupboard. The voiceover: “As your life changes, keep hold of the things you love with Big Yellow. Get some space in your life.”

Toys in Big Yellow Storage Tide TV advert

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Big Yellow Storage Tide was developed at the newly amalgamated London agency CHI & Partners (formerly Clemmow Hornby Inge, Hall Moore CHI and Naked Inside). The creative team included executive creative directors/copywriters Charles Inge and Ewan Paterson, art director Olly Williams and agency producer Enca Kaul.

Charles Inge says: ‘This ad could have been filmed in my house. Every night it looks as though it could it has been hit by a tidal wave. In my next life I will go minimal.’

Filming was directed and edited by Dougal Wilson via Blink, London, with producer Matt Fone.

Post Production was done at Moving Picture Company, by post production producers Julie Evans and Sophie Gunn, VFX supervisor Nico Cotta, VFX support team Dave Skippy Clifton and Will Broadbent, with telecine by Jean-Clement Soret.

MPC’s VFX Supervisor, Nico Cotta, who attended the shoot and combined all the footage in Flame, explained the process he undertook to create the final result: ‘the most challenging element of the job for us was combining each of the waves together and ultimately enhancing the debris referencing the ebb and flow movement and drag of a real wave. Other work we carried out included extending some objects to alter their perspective, as well as set extensions and general clean up to remove wires holding the stop motion waves in place.’

Sound was designed by Anthony Moore at Factory Studios, London.

Third wave in Big Yellow Storage Tide TV advert

CDs and LPs in Big Yellow Storage Tide TV advert