Berlitz Warning Signs

Berlitz Language School encouraged enrollments in 2006 with this set of print advertisements featuring indecipherable warning signs. A sign in a field of sheep suggests that there may be some danger – but what? A sign at the edge of the desert looks all Greek. A sign on the beach indicates that someone knows something about the dangers in the water. If only we could understand the language.

Sheep warning sign in Berlitz print advertisement

Desert warning sign in Berlitz print advertisement

Beach warning sign in Berlitz print advertisement


The Berlitz Warning Sign campaign was developed at DDB Germany, Düsseldorf, by creative director/copywriter Heiko Freyland, creative director/art director Raphael Milczarek, art directors Fabian Kirner, Michael Kittel, Alexandra Lier, account executive Kirsten Schellberg, copywriters Felix Lemcke, Jan Propach, illustrator Dorus Berkelmans, chief creative officer Amir Kassaei, project managers Madeleine Recht and Nadine Kunst.

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