Beat the odds on RSVP

Australian internet dating site RSVP is encouraging Australian singles to beat the odds in finding a suitable partner. The fast growing site, (1100 people sign up each day) is building on the popular move towards social networking. 1.1 million of the nation’s adult single population of approximately 4 million have joined already. Two television commercials are being used to drive traffic to the site, one aimed at single women, the other at single men.

Single Woman in RSVP television commercial

On average, a single woman will meet 12,000 people in her lifetime. Half will be female. Of the remaining men a third will be too old, a third too young. Of those left, 39 percent will be married. 18 percent will be gay. 11 percent have unacceptable haircuts. 8 percent have BO. 4 percent have mother issues. 3 percent will be overcompensating. 17 percent are just… tools. Leaving only five men, none of whom are in this bar. Beat the odds. Join RSVP for free.


The RSVP Beat the Odds campaign was developed at the appropriately named advertising agency, Love, Sydney, by executive creative director Simon Reynolds, creative director Scot Waterhouse, art director Andrew Leftley, copywriter Guy Lemberg and agency producer Paul Johnston.

Filming was shot by director Kiku Ohe via Resolution Design, with producer Will Alexander and creative director Tim Dyroff.