Bay Boomers Join The Style Revolution

The Bay, Canadian department store chain, has launched its summer campaign for Boom!, using a 1960s protest theme to encourage Baby Boomers to join the ‘style revolution’. The Boom! campaign has included “fashion freedom protests” outside select Bay stores, a “Boom!” CD, transit handouts (a “Boom!” tote bag), in-store placards and a “Boomstock” in-store gala, interactive store windows, TV, radio and a national contest with a “Boom!”-inspired car as the prize.

Bay Boom Protesters

Click on the image below to play the video.

The TV ad from the Boom! advertising campaign features protest signs with slogans, “Sexy Has No Expiry Date”, “I’d Rather Be Chic”, “Support Fashion Freedom”, and “Every Women Has The Right to be Fabulous”. Women stand at the top of a building speaking to businessmen below, “We’re hot! Get used to it!”.


The Boom! campaign is being pushed by Bay general manager Patrick Dickinson, creative director Clint Gaudry and creative manager for advertising Jennifer Radway.

The Bay Boom! campaign was developed at john st, Toronto, Canada, by creative directors Stephen Jurisic and Angus Tucker, copywriter Jennifer Rossini, art director Elizabeth Whalen, agency producer Shawna McPeek, group account director Lauren Mitchell, account manager Mary Lou Ricci.

Filming was shot by Adriano Falconi via Radke Film Group with executive producer Scott Mackenzie, line producer Merrie Wasson and director of photography Adam Marsden.

Editing was done by Michelle Czukar at Panic & Bob. Online editing was done at Crush Inc. Music licensing was coordinated by Vapor Music.

Music for the Bay Boom! TV ad is “Boom Boom”, written by Johnnie Lee Hooker and performed by The Animals.

Lyrics for Boom Boom

Boom boom boom boom
I’m gonna shoot you right down,
right offa your feet
Take you home with me,
put you in my house
Boom boom boom boom
A-haw haw haw haw
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

I love to see you strut,
up and down the floor
When you talking to me,
that baby talk
I like it like that
Whoa, yeah!
Talk that talk, walk that walk

When she walk that walk,
and talk that talk,
and whisper in my ear,
tell me that you love me
I love that talk
When you talk like that,
you knocks me out,
right off of my feet
Hoo hoo hoo
Talk that talk, and walk that walk