Barnardos Never Give Up On Children

Barnardo’s, one of the UK’s leading child and family care agencies, reminds TV viewers of their commitment to long term care with this quiet yet hard hitting online advert. A Barnardo’s counsellor interviews a young teenage boy about how he’d related to his parents, foster parents and fourteen different social workers. He says he told them all to f**k off. When the counsellor asks “What about Barnardo’s?” the boy says “I told them to f**k off too… but they didn’t.”

Boy in interview for Barnardos TV ad

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The ad is part of a British campaign, “Believe in Children”, developed for Barnardo’s by BBH, (Bartle Bogle Hegarty) London, by Nick Gill with agency producer Georgina Kent.

Filming was directed by Andy McLeod via Rattling Stick, London, with director of photography Stuart Graham and producer Kristy Burns.

Post production was done at Big Buoy, London.

Audio Post Production was done at Wave Studios, London, by sound designer Joe Mount.

Editing was done by Andy McGraw. Offline Editor was Joe Mount at Cut & Run.

The Barnardos Perspective

A new GfKNOP poll commissioned by Barnardo’s demonstrates the extent to which so many adults in the UK have given up on children:

One in four adults think that children who are disruptive or antisocial are beyond long term help by the time they are just 13. Two thirds of adults are convinced that children are more criminal now than ever before, when in fact there has been a substantial drop in youth crime since 1995.

Barnardo’s is not naïve. Too many of the children it works with can be difficult, often unpleasant, frequently uncooperative. The Barnardo’s ‘Believe in Children’ advertising campaign and report are designed to demonstrate that even the most difficult problems, the most difficult behaviour and the most difficult children can be helped. Their lives can be fundamentally changed, with enough determination, expertise, tolerance and compassion.

The ads were launched on June 26 in newspapers, radio slots (voiced by actor Daniel Craig) and posters. They feature troubled youngsters who might have alienated everyone in their young lives. But they reflect our experience which is that sticking with children, not giving up on children and ultimately Believing in Children can turn their lives around both for them and their families.

Martin Narey, Barnardo’s Chief Executive said:

“How did it happen that we have become so dismissive of children? Some children’s behaviour is unacceptable and it has to be challenged. But we must not use that as an excuse to write off a generation… Barnardo’s experience is that children, often given up on by parents, families, friends and schools, have the capacity, the potential and, however deeply hidden, the ambition to succeed in life. But all too often they have been convinced that they are worthless. Believing in children is not a soft option – it can be a long term and difficult challenge. But the alternative is to dismiss an underclass of children who have nothing to lose and who face nothing more than permanent unemployment, non-achievement and almost inevitably a life of crime. As we enter a new political era, with a new Prime Minister, we ask the new PM: do you believe in children, or will you, too, dismiss them as feral yobs?”

The campaign asks people to show they believe in children by texting 84862 or visiting for further information.