Axe Tells Boys To Get A Girlfriend

Axe (known as Lynx) calls on teenage boys to move beyond their childhood and ‘get a girlfriend’ in this stereotypical print advertising campaign. Fourteen year old boys (not yet men) are shown as a scout with a perfect attendance record, a boy with a video game high score, a boy measuring a frog’s jump, and a boy with a life-size Lego Pharoah. In a simple diagram it’s suggested that taking a can of Axe and spraying under the arms leads to being accepted in the company of girls.

Scout with certificate for perfect attendance record

Teenage boy with high score in video game arcade

Boys measure a frog's jump

Boy with completed Lego Pharaoh


The ‘Get A Girlfriend’ campaign was developed at Lowebull, Johannesburg, by creative director Gareth Lessing, art director Adam Livesey, copywriter Matthew Brink and photographer Clive Stewart.