Australian Dairy Farmers one hundred percent

Australian Dairy Farmers has launched a television campaign to remind Australians that their milk is 100% AUSTRALIAN, “Which leaves a better taste in your mouth.” The campaign leads to a web site, The campaign is designed to create an edge in the competition with Pauls (owned by Italian Parmelat) and Pura (owned by a Filipino businessman).

Australian Dairy Farmers 100 Percent Australian site

The video is not available on YouTube at this time, maybe due to the sale of the company to National Foods Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kirin Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, which is part of the Kirin Group of Japan.

ADF is formed by the six state dairy farmer organisations: NSW Farmers’ Association – Dairy Committee, Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation, South Australian Dairy Farmers’ Association, Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association – Dairy Council, Victorian Farmers Federation – United Dairy farmers of Victoria and Western Australian Farmers’ Federation – Dairy Council.

  • Margaret Mitchell

    Your current ad is not having the desired effect. Your original ad was fantastic and turned me in to a dairy farmer customer. The fact was so clear that the profits went back to the farmer. This current ad where everybody yells at the end I can’t even understand what they are all saying and I believe it spoils the end result. Maybe you could have the end done more clearly. I am a true believer in your farmers and only want the best results for them.

  • Robert Stanley

    Hi i have been a supporter of your products for along time,But can you please tell me,WHY YOU MILK IS TURNING UP AT OUR OUTLETS WITH A SOUR TASTE & SMELL . After one or two days this milk is undrinkable.THE FRIDGE IS COLD ENOUGH TO KEEP IT .I USED TO BE ABLE TO KEEP THIS MILK LONGER THEN THE USE BY DATE . i have noticed the difference taste .for the last couple of months. Every body has had the same trouble in COONAMBLE. COULD YOU PLEASE REPLY & TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG? Regards Robert