Australian Army Rise Up Recruitment

A new advertising campaign, designed to drive a greater emotional connection between the Army and potential recruits, was launched on Australian televisions on Sunday. The campaign focuses on the Army’s core values of courage, initiative and teamwork while also highlighting the fun and social aspects of an army lifestyle.

Rising Sun emblem on officer's hat

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The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, officially launched the campaign with a screening of the new television commercials at Royal Military College Duntroon in Canberra. “This campaign aims to articulate the core values of the Army in Courage, Initiative and Teamwork in a contemporary way that is relevant to our potential recruits – Generation Y,” Lieutenant General Leahy said.

With Generation Y in mind, the new television commercials feature an interactive component, urging potential recruits to send an SMS to order a copy of the Army Officer CD-Rom which has significant focus on the RMC experience.

“Army values have been at the heart of every Australian soldier for the past 100 years, no matter where they have served,” Lieutenant General Leahy said. “As our Prime Minister said in the middle of last year, simply we need more boots on the ground,” he said. “To put more boots on the ground we’ve got to recruit them.”

What this new campaign does is clearly demonstrate these values through imagery depicting the various periods of military history. What binds these values together is one of the true icons of Australian history – the Rising Sun badge, which forms the link between soldiers of the past and the modern day Australian soldier.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

The voiceover for the 30 second ad: “Throughout history we’ve risen to the challenges that have confronted us under a rising sun. If you want to make a difference, challenge yourself and rise.” The super: “Whatever the challenge, whatever the adversity, whatever the need, whatever challenge lies ahead, whatever the commitment”. The ad finishes with an invitation to visit

  • me

    whats the song on the ad called?

  • the guy who wants 2 knoe the song

    yeh wat IS the name of that song?

  • Both my husband and I really like the sound track. We also want to know what the song is and who sings it????? Great Ad by the way.

  • Penguin

    Great ad, AWESOME SONG !

    Anyone have any idea what the name of the song is ? The guitar sounds mad and im just dying to learn it !!! =P

  • Razz

    I’ve been looking everywhere! What is the song called?


    Great to see the patriotic comments from everyone… CAN’T FIND THE SONG EITHER!!!

  • richard

    awesome add
    whats the name of the song though? it is awesome

  • richard

    wat is the name of the song

  • Josh

    What is the song in the add? I love it

  • tillers

    wot is the name of that song?

  • ultra

    i agree

  • chicky

    yeah, i have even tried to google the lyrics, with no success

  • r’kid

    i think it’s a small aussie band, cos i there’s a band called the wish that wrote a song for the aussie troops, but you cant find their lyrics either…so i say it was written for the army, & the band is only known in australia,maybe even a state or two

  • nbforrest

    The song is on the tip of my tongue – its an older song i think by a well known oz artist or band. Rose Tattoo? They were making a comeback I believe before Pete Well’s demise. A longshot – i’d wait a bit, v.soon it will hit the airwaves, if the band has a decent manager, which appear as often as a tornado in Frankston, so don’t hold out, but great ad. Long live Eureka.

  • Future Force

    that is a great song i would love to have it on my iPod but i think the ad is fantastic and there should be more people will to server there country like myself. i’m heading off to kapooka (hopefully) next year i’m training myself to build up strenght to get in and i think i will…anyway went off the topic, anyway the ad should be running alot more than it is and i’m glad they’re finally promoting the infantry rather than officers and reserves…anyway you boys out there are doing a great job, i look forward to working with you…

  • me..

    please, someone find tht song its awesome…. i cant find it anywhere but i know it was played live on the nrl footy show not tht long ago..

  • Adam

    Saw the ad for the first time the other day, as a fellow digger i’m happy to see that they are now making ads thats show our proud history, and what strive to build on everyday home or aboard.

    Keep it up

  • Belvadeer

    But do they tell you about the depleted uranium contamination in the weapons and the hideous side effects?

  • greg

    what is the name of the band that sings the song rise, can any one help cheers Greg

  • surfnsun

    yeah c,mon someones gotta know the song im dyin to learn the guitar 2 it? (It sorta sounds like Powderfinger).
    Please Help!!!!!

  • surfnsun

    Just emailed the defense jobs website asking what the name of the song is.

  • Hamish

    hey yeh the songs awesome and i really wanna learn it on guitar.

  • Max

    Has the reply come yet surfnsun?

  • surfnsun

    nah sent it 11 days ago n still no reply!

  • J

    You’ll get no such luck, all the front stuff (like calling 131901 or emailing them) is done by Manpower now, not actually by DFR

  • Alan

    I wanna know who the band is too. Great song! Sounds a bit like the band that did that indi guitar sound Telstra TV ad, but even better. Went to B-Sharp records Adelaide (Good Shop) and the guy spent 20 min sniffing around for me, best he could find was this site. Glad to know others have similarly superior musical taste, like all of us here.

  • Alan

    Does anyone know who the army ad agency is?
    I did a similar thing with the Hyundai Elantra promo song ‘Always good to me’and they called me back with the artist name.
    (Which was Brenton Benson) Album name Alpalco
    Alan Again

  • Jennifer

    Staind-So far away

    Not sure if its the one, but sounds like it

  • Brad

    Whats the song

  • stu

    jennifer the song clearly isn’t so far away – staind

  • Tom

    Havent found out wat the song is yet found this tho but it hasnt helped me yet
    Yahoo Answers

  • Kris

    I’m going for my assessment this friday and cant wait to see what happends. Love this country more then anything else 🙂

  • Maxta is the man to email so i’m told

  • rkid90

    when i went for my joes..& didnt make it, i asked them & no-one knew..well they just said they didnt

  • hayden

    The song is awsome. I want the lyrics badly.

  • nicola

    hey does any one kow whtatthe song is actually called in the army ad…

  • Bjorn

    Has anyone found this song yet? I see that some of these posts are from a while back. Man, I gotta get this song.

  • wanasong


  • Joh Beau

    The lyrics are the ones sung on Australian Idol. The song is “Rise Up”. Might be a bit of a search to find who sings the advertisement version …..

  • Jason Botha

    does any one know how to find all of the australian defence force adverts?

  • Luke

    Even though I got rejected from the army i still love that Rise Up song!

  • Superf

    Ok, I’ve finally got to the bottom of the Rise music. It was written for the Army by a well known Australian composer and is NOT an existing track. The person who told me also said that a full 3 minute version is currently being recorded and will be posted on the Army website in the next 3-4 weeks. Stand by.

  • Nate

    Superf that is very good to hear. Remeber to tell everyone on here when it is finally put up.

    Cheers Mate




    the song is called

    type this in LIMEWIRE:::::

    ‘staind-so far away’

    that is not a spelling error! type it in

  • Alex

    i tried looking for
    “staind-so far away”
    and that is not the song

  • army brat

    omg i love the army i leave for kapooka on the 21st of january any tips from ppl that have already been

  • fred

    Dont Join you loser

  • Douchkovinator

    im 14 and hoping to join the airforce as a pilot, so has anybody found the actuall song yet?

  • Alex

    yep sure do have tips on goin to kapooka, have fun, dont act like a smart ass, make as many mates as u can (comes in handy latr on in ur career) and just remember…….DONT GIVE UP!!