Australian Army Rise Up Recruitment

A new advertising campaign, designed to drive a greater emotional connection between the Army and potential recruits, was launched on Australian televisions on Sunday. The campaign focuses on the Army’s core values of courage, initiative and teamwork while also highlighting the fun and social aspects of an army lifestyle.

Rising Sun emblem on officer's hat

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The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, officially launched the campaign with a screening of the new television commercials at Royal Military College Duntroon in Canberra. “This campaign aims to articulate the core values of the Army in Courage, Initiative and Teamwork in a contemporary way that is relevant to our potential recruits – Generation Y,” Lieutenant General Leahy said.

With Generation Y in mind, the new television commercials feature an interactive component, urging potential recruits to send an SMS to order a copy of the Army Officer CD-Rom which has significant focus on the RMC experience.

“Army values have been at the heart of every Australian soldier for the past 100 years, no matter where they have served,” Lieutenant General Leahy said. “As our Prime Minister said in the middle of last year, simply we need more boots on the ground,” he said. “To put more boots on the ground we’ve got to recruit them.”

What this new campaign does is clearly demonstrate these values through imagery depicting the various periods of military history. What binds these values together is one of the true icons of Australian history – the Rising Sun badge, which forms the link between soldiers of the past and the modern day Australian soldier.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

The voiceover for the 30 second ad: “Throughout history we’ve risen to the challenges that have confronted us under a rising sun. If you want to make a difference, challenge yourself and rise.” The super: “Whatever the challenge, whatever the adversity, whatever the need, whatever challenge lies ahead, whatever the commitment”. The ad finishes with an invitation to visit

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  • Aaron

    As an officer recruit i think the focus shouldnt be all about officers or infantry alone it should be a combination. but F***N H*** it called “rise up” if you didnt get that from the whole Ad gig then you really arnt that bright (no offence) Seriously Join the Army and have the time of your life!!!!!!!!!!!

    Corporal A.D
    Berwick Squad

  • Alex

    The lyrics in that ad.

    Rise its time to get on your feet
    Rise there nothing holding us back
    Rise its time to get on your feet
    get up and make a stand

  • youngman

    whats the song called though?

  • tommy

    I saw this ad on tv a few days ago, and i ended up here trying to find out what the song called

  • Fireworks McGraw

    Here is a link to the video for Staind – So Far Away…

    As you’ll notice, it is clearly not the same song.

    Indeed the song does sound more like Powderfinger, but isn’t.

    I guess we’re just going to have to live with the fact that it’s an unnamed military band who wrote and performed this song especially for the commercial.

    But with such a popular reaction to the song, you would think they’d name the band (or at least release the name of the band to the public) and release the single (on CD or itunes) for the public to buy!

    It would certainly raise a lot of money for the Australian Army!

  • ??

    The song was written specially for the army. they have finally made a full 3.00 minute version and it is avalible to download at

    And i will tell you how i know this becaus my dad actually wrote the ad and got the song made for it.

  • grapevine

    I hear it’s now available for download on the army’s website and iTunes.

  • Todeshund

    Hey guys, if anyone wants the lyrics I HAVE THEM, message me at my e-mail if you want them, im frequenly available at Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Rise theres nothing holding us back,
    Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Get up and make your stand,

    Your world’s created by great leaders in the past,
    Choosing the path for our country,
    Mabye it’s time to set the future today,
    I’ts good to have you with us,

    Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Rise theres nothing holding us back,
    Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Get up and make your stand,

    Our future in your eyes in your strong hold,
    you who see opportunity,
    let your courage fight the challenge today,
    May your mother find the picture,

    Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Rise theres nothing holding us back,
    Rise it’s time to get on your feet,
    Get up and make your stand,

    You carry Australia on your shoulders,
    It’s a steady war times are gone,
    Men following your footsteps right behind you,
    Remembering your name,
    And calling out loud,

  • Todeshund

    Theres more lol



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    Hmmm… Interesting point of view regarding Australian Army rise up recruitment. Ought to be Dugg.

  • FCS

    Their new adverts for the campaign were very powerful in my opinion

  • Jonathan Ordway

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