Australia Post Says Touch Someone With A Letter

Australia Post portrayed the letter as the most effective way of keeping in touch with these print advertisements. The tagline: “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter”.

Couple hug through a love letter in Australia Post print ad

Originally the advertisement was created to appear in a defense force magazine to highlight the role that Australia Post plays in keeping defense personnel in contact with loved ones. However it was so well received that Australia Post decided to run it in other magazines in the lead up to Valentines’ Day. It proved so popular in showcasing print as an advertising medium, that one publication even re-ran the ad for free. Yet more positive feedback emerged from these additional insertions and a second concept was developed to coincide with Mothers Day.

Mum receives a hug through a letter in Australia Post print ad

Child receives a hug through a letter in Australia Post print ad


The print advertisement was developed at M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, by creative director Steve Crawford, head of art Murray Bransgrove, art director Rebecca Hannah and copywriter Doogie Chapman, with photographer Christopher Tovo and retoucher Ed Croll.

  • Atiq Rahman

    simly awesome work
    this has remembered me of my lost girl friend to whom i wrote a no. of letters and shared lot of things with her. Today as i saw this picture i am lost in my golden memories of the past.
    i will be highly obliged if you could send me a hard copy of this beautiful photograth with Steve Crawford’s signature.

    PHONE NO. 092 42 333 4322001

  • laurence

    love letters

  • Beauty-lily

    Someone stole your work And claimed it as his own did He Asked permission? Deviantart

  • jette eistrup

    Fantastic ! I wish we could use these pictures in our campaign to prevent suicide. We have just made it possible to send a electronic postcard to a friend with the the words : Live Life !

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