Australia Post Every Day

Australia Post is promoting its connection with everyday Australian life in a series of seven TV ads, print and an interactive web site. Every day on Australian televisions has a TV ad highlighting a different aspect of Australia Post’s work. Australia Post’s main portal site provides a day-focused invitation to connect in with the interactive microsite.

A man is rained on in Australia Post TV ad

A man sits beside a dog in Australia Post TV ad

Mondays are portrayed as hard work – the perfect day to plan for travel to kinder environments. Australia Post promotes its travel services, helping with passports, travellers cheques, foreign currency, mail redirection or holding, and paying bills before leaving. Tuesdays are strange days when restaurants are empty but cinemas are full. This is the day, Australia Post says, when more personal letters, gift cards are delivered than any other day. Wednesday – the middle of the week with the weekend in sight. Australia Post sets out to get us there fast with Express Products. Thursdays are the days for night classes, socialising, sports team and late night shopping. But of course shopping can happen online with delivery provided by Australia Post. Friday is painted as the happy day when people dress differently, enjoy their food, sport and arts. Australia Post gets in on the act with promotion of community art, health, sport (in particular Oz Opera). Saturday – the day with time for breakfast, family taxi services, weddings, dancing and eating out. Australia’s finest wines are appreciated even in Beijing with help from Australia Post’s Parcel & Logistics services. Sunday is a time for quiet. “You should never call a friend before 11 am on Sunday”. Australia Post cuts down on working hours by using electronic eyes to recognise addresses. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Australia Post Every Day campaign was developed at Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, by creative director/writer/art director Michael Knox, copywriters/art directors Nicholas Desira and Sally Richmond, and agency producer Eyvonne Carfora.

Filming was directed by Mark Bennett and Peter Bloomfield via Plush Films with director of photography Frank Flick, executive producer Rob Spencer and producer Catherine Warner.

The music used in the Australia Post advertising campaign is the chorus from “People Everyday” by Atlanta-based progressive hip hop group Arrested Development. Arrested Development start their tour of Australia and New Zealand in March and April. Download the track from iTunes:
Arrested Development - 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days In the Life Of... - People Everyday

Lyrics for People Everyday

See I was resting at the park minding my own
business as I kick up the treble tone
on my radio tape player box, right
just loud enough so folks could hear it’s hype,
see ?
Outta nowhere comes the woman I’m dating
investigation maybe she was demonstrating
But nevertheless I was pleased
My day was going great and my soul was at ease
until a group of brothers started bugging out
drinking the 40 oz, going the nigga route
Disrespecting my black queen
holding their crotches and being obscene
At first I ignored them cause see I know their type
They got drunk and got guns and they wanna fight
and they see a young couple having a time that’s good
and their egos wanna test a brother’s manhood
So they came to test Speech cause of my hair-do
and the loud bright colors that I wear [Boo !]
I was a target cause I’m a fashion misfit
and the outfit that I’m wearing brothers dissing it
Well I stay calm and pray the niggaz leave me be
but they’re squeezing parts of my date’s anatomy
Why, Lord, do brothers have to drill me?
Cause if I start to hit this man they’ll have to kill me

I am everyday people (2x)

I told the niggaz please let us pass, friend
I said please cause I don’t like killing Africans
but he wouldn’t stop and I ain’t Ice Cube
but I had to take the brother out for being rude
and like I said before I was mad by then
It took three or four cops to pull me off of him
But that’s the story y’all of a black man
acting like a nigga and get stomped by an African


via Steve Hall at Adrants