Audi A6 Satellite

Audi filed more patents than NASA in the development of the A6. That’s the idea behind this effects-filled TV advertisement, “Satellite”. An old man in the mid west of the United States is walking home from work. We then see glints of metal as a metallic craft hurtles through the atmosphere. It looks like a space shuttle re-entering the earths atmosphere but it later reveals itself as the Audi A6. Titles: ‘To date, NASA have filed 6,509 patents. To get to the A6, Audi have filed 9621 patents.” The ad finishes with the car plunging through deep water.

Audi A6 under water in Satellite TV ad


The Audi A6 Satellite advertisement was developed at BBH, London, by Dave Masterman and Ed Edwards with producer Davud Karbassioun.

Filming was directed by Johnny Green via Knucklehead with director of photography Alex Barber and producers Tim Katz and Matthew Brown.

Editing was done by Neil Smith at Work Post Production.

Sound was engineered at Wave Studios, London.

Post production was done at Moving Picture Company (MPC) under the leadership of producer Sean Costello.