Classic Catch in Ashes Clashes Backyard

Roadshow Entertainment is promoting Ashes Clashes, a DVD on the Australia/England cricket series, with Backyard Classic Catch, an interactive site providing opportunities to improve online catching skills.

Classic cricket catch by the Barmy One

Players have the choice of playing as an Aussie Fanatic (Australia) or as the Barmy One (England). A radar screen shows the tennis ball’s direction and distance. The player throws the figure into the air, either catching the ball in the full in the air or from the ground, or catching it with hand after one bounce. Two misses and you’re out. The higher in the air you are when you catch the ball, the higher the points.

Classic cricket catch by Aussie Fanatic


The Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch campaign was developed by Soap, Sydney.

The Ashes Clashes DVD provides a commentary on 35 years of Ashes history through the eyes of Ian Botham and Allan Border. Ian Botham scored 399 runs and took 34 wickets as captain of the English team in the 1981 Ashes tests. Allan Border, a member of the defeated 1981 side, went on to captain the Australian team that beat England 4-0 in 1989.