Architecture in Helsinki Heart It Races

Australian Indie pop band Architecture in Helsinki has a fascinating music video for “Heart It Races”, featuring glow-in-the-dark puppets. The music video, shot in Mexico, features members of the band dressed as Noids, a mystical race of people (a la Mayans/Martians) with tiny bodies attached to their heads.

Architecture in Helsinki Heart it Races

Click on the image below to play the Heart It Races music video.


Filming was shot by Kris Moyes, represented by The Directors Bureau.

Moyes writes “The puppet idea was inspired by Bunraku, where a puppet is manipulated against a black backdrop by a number of puppeteers also dressed in black. The difference here is that I made the puppeteers more visible — i.e., against an exotic backdrop of Teotihuacan and the floating gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico — so we can appreciate the craft and the story at the same time, or enjoy one independently of the other depending on our choice of perspective.”

Costumes were designed by Australian fashion label Romance Was Born. Voiceover was provided by
Ben Jones of art collective Paper Rad. Photos from the Heart It Races shoot are available at Flickr.

Lyrics for Heart It Races

And we slow to acknowledge the knots in the laces
Heart it races!

And we go back to where we moved out to the places
Heart it races!

I bought it in a can and stirred it with my fingers
threw it out the window
Lately you’ve been tan, suspicious for the winter
looks like little splinters

I sold it to a man
and threw him out that window he went boom
made his wife a widow

Heart it races!