Apple Get A Mac with Stuffed PC Flashback

The latest three ‘Get A Mac’ TV ads from Apple (posted April 11) continue the theme of “PC bashing” found since the first ads in the campaign. In “Stuffed”, Apple takes a swipe at the trial software installed on PC hard drives in ‘Stuffed’. PC (John Hodgman) waddles over to Mac (Justin Long), inflated like a balloon. It’s all this trial software – programs that don’t do much unless you buy the whole thing, or just useless. It really slows him down. Mac says he only has software he really wants like iTunes iMovie, iPhoto iWeb, all part of iLife.

PC is stuffed with useless programs in Get A Mac ad

Click on the image below to play the Stuffed video.

This ad connects with a quote from Walt Mossberg in Wall Street Journal, April 12:

“An excellent way to avoid the craplet problem is to simply buy an Apple Mac. Macs don’t have any craplets. On a Mac, no third-party software is auto launched when you start up, and you don’t need antivirus or antispyware programs because the Mac is essentially free from those menaces. So, even my year-old Mac laptop reboots roughly three times as fast as my three-week-old Sony.”


Mac offers to share his website and home movie. PC’s not interested. Mac provides a flashback to their childhood days. Nothing much has changed. PC gets his calculator and asks, “Why don’t I calculate how much time you’ve just wasted?” Click on the image below to play the video.

Computer Cart

PC’s sitting on a computer cart with three older men. He’s heading away for a while. At IT he and his colleagues have been getting error messages. WMP.DLL (Windows Media Player Dynamic Link Library). Error 692 (Modem hardware). Syntax Error. Fatal error. PC doesn’t know what these mean. Mac of course doesn’t get those cryptic error messages… Click on the image below to play the video.


The Get a Mac series was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer Lee Clow, executive creative directors Duncan Milner and Eric Grunbaum, associate creative director/art director Scott Trattner, associate creative director/copywriter Jason Sperling, copywriters Barton Corley and Alicia Dotter, agency producers Mike Refuerzo, Anne Oburgh, Cheryl Childers and Hank Zakroff.

Filming was shot by director Phil Morrison at Epoch Films with director of photography Peter Donahue

Editor was Val Thrasher at Mad River Post. Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3.

PC and colleagues on cart in Get A Mac ad

PC uses his calculator in Get A Mac flashback