Amnesty International Not Here But Now

Amnesty International in Switzerland launched an award-winning human rights awareness campaign, “Not Here But Now”, using outdoor poster s on walls in Swiss cities in June 2006. The aim of the campaign was to remind people that human rights violations were occurring within a few hours flight from Swiss cities. Swiss cities are linked with troubled zones: Gaza and Zurich, Somalia and Geneva, Israel and Basel, Iraq and Basel, China and Geneve, Liberia and Winterthur. This poster here is Gaza and Zurich.

Gaza Zurich Poster

Amnesty China Geneva Poster

Amnesty China Poster

Amnesty Guantanamo Zurich Poster

Amnesty Iraq Berne Poster

Amnesty Iraq Berne Poster German

Amnesty Iraq Geneva Poster

Amnesty Liberia Winterthur Poster

Amnesty Liberia Winterthur Poster - Child Soldier

Amnesty Myanmar Lugano Poster

Amnesty Sudan Lugano Poster


The Amnesty campaign was developed at Walker Werbeagentur Zürich, by executive creative director/copywriter Pius Walker, art director Marianne Friedli, photographer Federico Naef, illustrators Florian Fröhlich and Carolina Gurtner, account supervisor Hans Beer, with Amnesty’s advertising supervisor Daniel Meienberger.

The “Not Here But Now” campaign won a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2007.

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  • Grace Iam

    *deep bow*

  • I wholeheartedly disagree with this approach. It is good to stay informed, but not good to be INUNDATED with it, through graphic violence photos, where you live!

    Sure, violence, hatred and injustice are alive and well on planet earth. Do pray for them daily. But, to quote a famous ancient saying, « Whatsoever things are lovely, good report, virtue, and praise worthy, think on these things. » The rest is commentary for a full and happy life.

    Life on earth is a kindergarten for image making. So, start imagining better than the best that you know…and see these ‘trauma drama’ people start waking up, where they stop re-infecting themselves with humanity’s past mistakes.

    Show people publicly-placed murals depicting acts of LOVING KINDNESS instead. What a concept, eh?