Alka-Seltzer Concert Chant

Bayer brand Alka-Seltzer has recreated its classic jingle in a TV ad released during the 2007 Super Bowl. The “Concert Chant” commercial is the end result of “Bring Back The Fizz”, a national “Battle of the Bands” competition held in December 2006, one of three advertisement re-makes connected with the 75th anniversary of Alka-Seltzer.

Josh Anderson in Alka Seltzer TV ad

The 30 second spot opens with a crowd chanting “Alka-Seltzer!”. Josh Anderson and band run on to the stage as credits provide the feel of a a music video. The band performs the song, inspiring crowd members to hold up glasses of water with glowing Alka-Seltzer. The voiceover: “Alka-Seltzer! Relief never sounded better!”

The original jingle was simply, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!!”. The Bring Back the Fizz contest challenged consumers to use the verse at least once in their new version, adding their own flair in a 30 second to two minute song.

Josh Anderson, a Greensboro DJ with 1075 KZL‘s Murphy in the Morning Show, was the grand prize winner, receiving $10,000 and the chance to appear in the national TV ad that will air during the Super Bowl pre-game broadcast.

Cyndi Lauper, one of the judges, also served as creative consultant for the new campaign commercial, and helped develop the musical tracks for the ad. “I’m really excited to be a part of the effort to bring back this famous jingle in a new and modern form,” said Lauper. “I’ve recently recorded acoustic versions of some of my hit songs, so I’m excited to hear the interpretations others bring to this jingle to express how Alka-Seltzer means relief through song.”

Crowd holding glowing glasses in Alka Seltzer TV ad

The original “Plop, Plop” jingle was written in 1953 by copywriter Paul Margulies, father of actress Julianna Margulies (of TV show ER fame). The tune did not hit the airwaves until 1975, when Speedy Alka-Seltzer first sang it. Three years later, Sammy Davis Jr. gave the jingle his touch when he made two covers, one “Rock” and the other “Big Band,” and performed them on “The Frank Sinatra Show.”

“Alka-Seltzer has been a mainstay of popular American culture for 75 years,” said Jay Kolpon, vice president, marketing and new business, Bayer HealthCare’s Consumer Care Division. “Understanding trends such as the increased popularity of consumer-generated media, song competitions and the renewed interest in iconic brands, we wanted to give the public a chance to recreate one of their favorite advertising tunes.”

Josh Anderson’s Lyrics

Plop plop
Fizz Fizz
Oh what a relief it is

When pain and indigestion
seem to have their way
I unleash the beasts from the foil sheaths
then everything’s okay!

Such an easy thing to do
all those bubbles to the rescue.

I don’t know what’s in it
but it’s working


The Josh Anderson music video Alka-Seltzer spot was developed at BBDO, New York.

Filming was shot by director Nigel Dick via DNA, Hollywood.