Adbusters Use Pig for Buy Nothing Day

Adbusters is promoting the international ‘Buy Nothing Day’ campaign in North America with an advertisement portraying American consumer habits in the form of a greedy pig. The Buy Nothing Day, developed in Canada by Vancouver artist Ted Dave is being marked around the world on Saturday November 24th. In North America Adbusters have positioned the event today instead to heighten the impact on the shopping frenzy experienced the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Adbusters Buy Nothing Day Pig

Click on the image below to play the video.

The message from the Media Foundation, developed in 2005, is being recycled: “The average North American consumes five times more than a Mexican, ten times more than a Chinese person and thirty times than a person in India. We are the most voracious consumers in the world, a world that could die because of the way we North Americans live. Give it a rest! November 23rd is Buy Nothing Day.”

MTV has refused to air the ad, explaining that the spot “goes further than we are willing to accept on our channels”.