ADBOWL VII Interactive Poll

Advertising agency McKee Wallwork Cleveland today announced the launch of the ADBOWL VII website – – in partnership with Rassai Interactive.

Adbowl LogoADBOWL, first created in 2001, is an online, real-time system for tracking consumer opinions of Super Bowl ads. Consumers vote online, letting advertisers know if they scored or fumbled, and the results are announced at midnight, the night of the game. ADBOWL vote totals are collected but not shared real-time on the site so that voters aren’t influenced by the opinions of others.

Consumers can now register on the ADBOWL website. On Super Bowl Sunday (February 4, 2007), viewers can visit and rate each commercial after it airs on a scale between one and five. Users will also have the option of rating the ads as they air or printing a ballot and rating all of the ads at once at the end of the game. A complete listing of the results, including a breakdown of winners by gender and age, will be posted on the site at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 5.

This year’s ADBOWL website infrastructure was built and will be hosted by Rassai Interactive, a video-centric interactive agency, to accommodate the anticipated traffic during the game.

ADBOWL provides a venue for consumers to express which ads they love and which they hate on one of advertising’s biggest nights of the year. The following is a list of voters’ favorite ads from the past five years:

2006 Bud Light Hidden Fridge
2005 Anheuser-Busch Applause
2004 Budweiser Donkey Dream
2003 FedEx Castaway
2002 M&M’s Chocolate on Your Pillow

The site helpfully reveals the impact of demographics on voting, showing the top five votes for men, women, under 17, ages 18-34, 18-49, 24-54, and 55+.

The top ten ads in 2006 were Bud Light Hidden Fridge, Budweiser – Sheep Fan, Anheuser-Busch – Junior Clydesdale, FedEx – Caveman (Stick), Bud Light – Rooftop Fix-it Guys, Bud Light – Grizzly Bear, Bud Light – Employee Incentive Plan, Ameriquest Mortgage Co. – Turbulence, Budweiser – The Wave.

Also appearing in the list for under 17s was Sprint Theft Deterrent. The Ameriquest Medical Misunderstanding ad got the attention of the over 55s.

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