Accenture Celebrates New Year with Mountainside Sunrise

On January 1, 2001 Andersen Consulting became Accenture. To mark the name change the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company commissioned two television commercials: Mountainside and Sunrise.

Woman watches portable TV from mountainside tent

The 30 second Mountainside clip opens with a view of craggy mountain peaks. Over the sound of alpine winds we hear the voice of a television/radio announcer… “Here we are in New York City. There are people as far as the eye can see and soon a new year will begin.” The camera cuts to a woman in a tent viewing the countdown on a handheld television. “Happy New Year 2001. It’s absolutely amazing! Could there be anywhere more exciting in the world? This is just…” The camera zooms out to show that the woman’s tent is hanging on the side of a sheer cliff in the mountains. The voiceover: “To everyone everywhere celebrating the future, Happy New Year from Accenture.” We’re given a glimpse of a newspaper cutting, “Andersen Consulting changes name on 01.01.01”.

In “Sunrise” we’re shown a range of people groups from around the world seeing the first light of 2001, ranging from Maori in Rotorua, New Zealand, a family walking along a beach, another climbing a hill in China, a fishing scene in the Middle East, a city scene from Paris. Once again the voiceover and newspaper cutting.

Mountainside Sunrise Credits

The Accenture New Year 2001 campaign was developed by Y&R, New York.

Filming was directed by Robert Logevall of Anonymous Content.

Editing was done by Karen Knowles, then at King Cut, now at Rival Editorial.

Visual effects were developed at Method Studios, whose team included Lead 2D VFX Artist Chris Staves, 2D VFX Artists Scott McNiel and Sophie Chometton, 3D VFX Artist Olivier Gondry, and Visual Effects Executive Producer Neysa Horsburgh.