A More Perfect Union challenges fear of Arabic

A More Perfect Union, a program of the Virginia Interfaith Center, has launched an advertising campaign challenging the fear of the Arabic language felt by many in the United States since September 11, 2001. The mission of A More Perfect Union is to increase respect and understanding between religious and ethnic majorities and their Muslim, South Asian, and Arab counterparts in Virginia. The print advertisements point to www.amoreperfectunion.info and www.rethinkbias.org.

USA Constitution written in Arabic

The constitution of the United States. Misunderstanding can make anything scary. Rethink bias at amoreperfectunion.info

Happy Birthday in Arabic

Happy birthday [Arabic] What did you think it said? Rethink bias at amoreperfectunion.info

Be kind and unwind in Arabic

Be kind and unwind [Arabic] We fear what we don’t understand. Rethink bias at amoreperfectunion.info


The More Perfect Union campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, by creative director Joe Alexander, art director Mark Brye, copywriter Cedric Giese.