42 Below Clip Art

42 Below, New Zealand based vodka company, tested the lateral thinking capacity of magazine readers with a series of print advertisements in 2006 created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York. Each series of clip art images demonstrates the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Vodka should be consumed in moderate quantities.

“Do It Yourself” portrays the effects of alcohol on male sexual performance.

Do It Yourself

“Flight Attendant” provides a warning about the impact of alcohol on decisions made by high-flying travellers.

Flight Attendant clip art

“Office Party Blackout” warns partygoers about the loss of memory linked with excessive alcohol consumption.

Office Party clip art

“Transvestite” provides a reminder that excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to impaired discernment.

42 Below Transvestite clip art

“Government Eavesdropping” develops a reality check for those who believe that their alcohol-fueled telephone escapades will remain private. Uncle Sam has a line at the Pentagon

42 Below Government Eavesdropping clip art

“Bareback Mountain” suggests that six bottles of vodka, combined with a very cold night, can lead to action and a life very different to original plans.

42 Below Government Eavesdropping clip art


The campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, by chief creative officer Tony Granger, creative directors Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, copywriter Brian Ahern, and art director Phillip Bonnery, account supervisors Aimee Mccammon, Michael Zuna and Fran Cook, illustrations from Clipart.com bought by Allie Taylor.

The campaign won a Gold Lion for alcohol advertising at Cannes, 2006, and a grand prize for print at the London International Advertising Festival, 2006.