Microsoft Zune To Beam Your Beats

Microsoft is rolling out the Zune mp3 player with a focus on sharing music files between users. The two taglines, “Beam Your Beats” and “Welcome to the Social” attempt to convey the collaboration possible through blue tooth connectivity. The text: “Share select music wirelessly, mano-a-mano, anytime, anywhere. Fellow Zune-wielding friends can listen to each song up to three times within three days and flag favorites to buy later. Other basics include a vivid 3-inch screen FM tuner and 30 GB of me space. Ready. Aim. Beam.”

Beam Your Beats

Beam Your Beats

Beam Your Beats on a Building


The Microsoft Zune advertising campaign is being developed by a team at 72 and Sunny, El Segundo, under the creative direction of John Boiler and Glenn Cole.

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