World War One Posters From Australia

Today is ANZAC Day, the day on which Australia and New Zealand commemorate the part played by it’s armed forces in defending freedom around the world. The day of commemoration began during World War I, in memory of the landing of its troops in Gallipoli, Turkey. When World War I broke out Australia had a population of fewer than five million. 300,000 men enlisted, of which over 60,000 were killed and 156,000 were wounded, gassed or taken prisoner.

Poster encouraging munitions workers

“The man behind the man behind the gun” encourages munitions workers to keep up their output.

The Families and Friends of the First Australian Imperial Forces has an excellent page of posters used for recruitment to the armed forces. The FFAIF aims to preserve for future generations of Australians the sense of national identity and values that the First AIF created, beginning with the ANZAC tradition at Gallipoli. Also of interest would be the Digger History site, dedicated to telling the story of Australian and New Zealand troops who served in World War I and II. This image is from the FFAIF site. “It is nice in the surf but what about the men in the trenches?”

It is nice in the surf but what about the men in the trenches?

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