Wonder Cafe Home Of Open Minded Discussion

The United Church of Canada is inviting online readers to Wonder Cafe, the home of ‘open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life’s big questions’. The associated ad campaign so far includes six print advertisements: Jesus at the Mall, Bobblehead Jesus, Baby, Bible, Sex and Gay Marriage.

Jesus at the Mall in Wondercafe ad

Jesus at the Mall – What if Jesus took the place of Santa? Would you still take your kids? After all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be about Him, not the guy in the red suit? Or can it be about both?

Bible in Wondercafe ad

A Bible has post-it notes stuck on its pages – green for agree, pink for disagree.

Whipped cream and sauce in Wondercafe ad

A can of whipped cream sits next to a plastic bottle of chocolate sauce. “How much fun can sex be before it’s a sin?”

Men on wedding cake in Wondercafe ad

Two male figurines are posed on the top of a wedding cake. “Does anyone object?”

Baby in Wondercafe ad

The baby has a tag with a warning: “Some re-assembly of priorities and beliefs may be required.” Parenthood changes everything – including how you view the world.

Jesus Bobblehead in Wondercafe ad

Bobblehead Jesus – is this funny or a ticket to hell? What do you think?


The Wondercafe campaign is part of Emerging Spirit, a three-year $9 million campaign designed to connect with Canadians between the ages of 30 and 45, one of the first generations to grow up largely outside the church. Working with the in-house internet team was Toronto communications firm Smith Roberts and Co.