Whybin TBWA Sends Snowman Accessories

Whybin TBWA/’s direct marketing arm, Tequila Services, raised eyebrows in 2005 with its Christmas card, “Snowman”. Instead of sending the usual card and having it sent to the round filing cabinet, the New Zealand advertising agency sent a plastic bag containing water, a pipe, a carrot and two round black stones. The campaign soon became discussed on radio stations and was profiled in national newspapers. The Christmas card was awarded a Bronze Lion for Direct Marketing at Cannes.

Whybin TBWA Christmas Snowman


The Snowman campaign was developed at TEQUILA\Auckland by creative director/art director Wayne Pick, copywriter Kim Pick, production manager Sheriden Derby, managing director Ben Goodale, art director Kenton Osmond, copywriter Steve Girdlestone, production manager Jude Lehmann, production assistant Richard Faulkner, and CEO David Walden.