What do you call television advertisements?

Looking at Google Trends there appears to be a variety around the world when it comes to what we call the advertising we see on our television screens. Here’s the breakdown for use of English phrases linked to screen advertising…

Advertising Terms

TV Adverts – United Kingdom, South Africa
TV Ads – Ireland, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore
Television Commercials – Philippines, United States, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand
Television Advertisements – India, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand
TV Spots – Greece, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Chile, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Peru, Belgium.

So what is this thing called, love? Do you call it “Fernsehenreklameanzeige”? Or anuncio de la televisión, publicité de télévision, pubblicità della televisione, تل?زيونيا , propaganda da televisão?

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