Canvas Asks Was Jesus Married?

In the month before the May 2006 launch of the movie, The Da Vinci Code, Belgian TV channel Canvas programmed two documentaries on the questions raised by Dan Brown’s book and movie. Brussels advertising agency Duval Guilliaume produced a print advertisement with its own capacity for provocation, asking the question, “Was Jesus Married?”. Not only was the ad treading on sensibilities around Jesus’ marital status. Catholic leaders in Belgium would have pointed out that the ad profaned the sacred act of the eucharist. Next question. Did Jesus have a sense of humour?

Canvas - Was Jesus Married?


The Canvas ad was developed at Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, by creative directors Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe and Xavier Bouillon, copywriter Catheline Leroy, art director Eva De Jonckheere, photographer Koen Demuynck, account supervisors Araidne Dierick and Inez de Pooter working with Canvas marketing team Paul Bosqué and Hannelore Poppe.

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey

    Yes Jesus had a sense of humor, wouldn’t you if you could do miracles? Jeez he was human after all, and the oldest son of his family. You don’t think being the “son of god” stopped him from picking on his sisters and his no sense of humor having brother…do you? Yeah. He played jokes on em. He loved to get his sisters mad enough to chase him.. And where do you think the human part of him went? Did it evaporate in to thin air when he hit 6.. please. Anyone who doesn’t think he has a sense of humor, needs to think about it. Hello… he was human, and divine.. that means he had a wicked sense of humor and the chutzpah to back it up… 😉

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey

    And I also think the guy was married too and maybe he had lots of girlfriends cause he was a looker in any time…

  • Rev. Tiki Faythe

    Chances are that historically Jesus WAS married. As a rabbi it was traditional for them (the rabbi’s) to set a good family example by marrying, etc. It would have been odd for him not to have been.

    Also he was in a human body!!! Of course he had a sense of humor – why not – he had the capacity to anger why not laugh???

    We know God has a sense of humor (just check out a duck billed platypus sometime – grins.)

  • geetha

    look………..its really not important to know whether jeus laughed or not……….but its important to know that……….how many people because of him…… much happiness he gave to others………AND MADE THEM LAUGH…….

  • Yes – he really did have a “divine” sense of humour!
    When He was driving the money changers from the Temple he suddenly stopped in the middle of overturning the tables and whipping at them and asked: “Hey!… Do any of you guys got two tens for a five?”.

  • Joshua

    Of course Jesus has a sense of humor. Just go to Walmart and look around at the people. Seriously He had to have one. The fact that God works in mysterious ways shows that. When I hit a low point in my life, I did crank once and had the most amazing religious experience. But when the drugs wore off, I still had that peaceful feeling. It’s been 4 years and it has never went away. And I feel that God was up there ribbing Gabriel going “Oh man!, that had to have burned going up his nose! Yeah puttin water up there won’t help!” ” Here, you want euphoria, I’ll give it to ya so hard you’ll think your floating!” God bless

  • Lea Carper

    For Jennifer Janek-Markey…
    I definitely agree with you that Jesus had a great sense of humor and still does! Anyone who doesn’t agree should see the size of my toes!!!
    But I question your knowledge of Jesus being a looker. How do you know what He looked like? All we have to go by is artist’s renditions. If you look closely, in many of their portraits, he has hair ranging from blonde to black. His eyes range from blue, to green, to hazel, to brown.
    If you look in the book of Isaiah, in the Old Testament, where Isaiah prophesies about Jesus, he says that Jesus would not be much to look at…but rather plain so that no one would look upon His physical being with desire or physical favor.

  • Ben

    Jesus married – to be honest I don’t see what offends Christians about this idea so much – if marriage and sex are gifts from God then I’m sure Jesus could partake of them!…except for the fact that it casts doubt on the Bible’s integrity because it never mentions his marriage. Not even any of the ‘apocryphal’ gospels mentions his marriage, as such, the best Dan Brown could come up with was some questionable references to an ambiguous relationship with Mary Magdalene.
    These things are all guesswork when you’re dealing with 2000 years ago! But there were certain sects of Judaism in Jesus’s time (the Essenes, off the top of my head? I’m not sure) where the custom was for the rabbis to remain unmarried.

  • Chris

    well iv had a good time reading the most blasphemous comments ever.

  • seth

    The bible did not mention about Jesus ever marrying. It should not be a topic because it allows the low in mind to blasphame

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey

    Oh heavens…. If he wasn’t married… Why was he human? I mean… Jeeze, he was human and divine trying to teach us no matter how human we were, we cannot separate us from our divine roots. Come on people… Get a grip… Just cause the pope is “chaste” doesn’t mean he was…. Please the order of the day back then was be fruitful and multiply… Like he was going to go against his mother’s wishes… She was Jewish.. and like he would get any freaking sleep if he didn’t provide heirs for her to dote on…

    Get a grip…..

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey

    um scuze me blaspheme.. Jeeze you’re a bit up tight…

    The man based on history… Should have had more than one baby’s momma hanging around him.. And he honestly respected and revered women… Like obviously you couldn’t imagine…

    (kisses… and you know how I know that he sends those to you… I have a personal relationship with him… Do you?)

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey

    oh and seth, learn how to spell.. Blaspheme is spelled… Blasph-em-e…. If you’re gonna cast stones you might as well be righteous when you do so…

    Mary Miriam… Mother of Yehoshua… or Yeshua, or Jeshua ben Joseph if you please…. Beyond that.. Most women are closer to God/ess than any man has dared to be besides my son.

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey


    Blasphemous.. is in the eye of the beholder.. I’m guessing that you… my son… hold blasphemous thoughts against all beings… (God is in all creatures.) Read the bible. With your eyes and your heart open… Not just your ears.

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey


    Light being that you are… Just because something such as the bible does not mention a marriage of myself does not mean it did not happen… Many things have been left out of the classics. I would believe that all humans would take that which is given based on the time it was given.. To the victors go the spoils… Ie… women did not write the books… (the ones included in King James (he was a prick) version of the bible… Ruth was written by a cross dresser… and if your dictionary today doesn’t elucidate.. it is Cross-dresser (ruth) timothy. IF you decide this is blasphemy.. It is only so in your eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is blasphemy… Please… Decide based on your ideals, and not of that at my time… Because as you have seen… The Ideals of your time are so much better than at mine…
    Yehoshua ben Joseph..
    Don’t believe me… Come on a magic carpet ride with me…

  • Jennifer Janek-Markey


    Think what you want.. I have had visitations… Several.. And he’s always been more than what any biblical scholar could imagine.. They are men, for the most part and Um… The last time I looked most men would take the side of being a little bit conservative because if not they would be considered.. GAY. OH and he wasn’nt born until after the old testament… You must be thinking of Elijah… He was kinda plain…

    Just my two cents…
    Reason… I’ve seen em both..
    Jennifer I’m literally not crazy… I’ve had visions…

  • Rev. Tiki Faythe

    Also Jesus was well supported. In seminary it was told to us that he actually had several wealthy patrons (many of which were women) and one of the reasons that the guards fought over his garment when he was crucified wasn’t because it belonged to him – it was because it was actually a very expensive one-piece garment which only the very wealthy could afford. It was most probably gifted to him from one of his patrons. There is so much we learn that they don’t share with the general population. When asked about this once the reply was “the masses aren’t ready”. Food for thought! Infinite Blessings