Canvas Asks Was Jesus Married?

In the month before the May 2006 launch of the movie, The Da Vinci Code, Belgian TV channel Canvas programmed two documentaries on the questions raised by Dan Brown’s book and movie. Brussels advertising agency Duval Guilliaume produced a print advertisement with its own capacity for provocation, asking the question, “Was Jesus Married?”. Not only was the ad treading on sensibilities around Jesus’ marital status. Catholic leaders in Belgium would have pointed out that the ad profaned the sacred act of the eucharist. Next question. Did Jesus have a sense of humour?

Canvas - Was Jesus Married?


The Canvas ad was developed at Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, by creative directors Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe and Xavier Bouillon, copywriter Catheline Leroy, art director Eva De Jonckheere, photographer Koen Demuynck, account supervisors Araidne Dierick and Inez de Pooter working with Canvas marketing team Paul Bosqué and Hannelore Poppe.