Volkswagen Rabbits Multiply

The latest model of the Volkswagen Golf, known as the Rabbit in North America, is being promoted in a series of television commercials portraying rabbit-like activities. The first in the series, known as Multiply, features black, white and grey ‘Rabbits’ scurrying through a semi-rural landscape, emerging from tunnels in ever increasing numbers.

A white volkswagen and a black volkswagen emerge from tunnels and enter one together. The camera focuses on a hummingbird. Out of the tunnel emerge six cars, black, white, grey and piebald. The sequence is repeated, this time with the focus on bees on the flowers. Viewers are warned that the driving for this ad was done on a closed course by professional drivers. “Do not attempt.”

Two lines of cars converge at an intersection, a black car ‘jumping’ over a white car. Now dogs enter the chase.

Volkswagen Rabbits traffic jam

The super: “It’s back @ $14,990: Base MSRP for 2006 2 door Rabbit with manual transmission. Prices excludes transportation, taxes, options, title, dealer and emssions charges. Supplies limited. Dealers set actual prices. Some vehicles shown include optional equipment or accessories. Some features and colours may only be available on 2007 model year vehicles. Rabbit 2.5.”


The Volkswagen Rabbits campaign was developed at advertising agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, Miami by chiief creative officer Alex Bogusky, executive creative director Andrew Keller, creative director Rob Strasberg, art director Tiffany Kosel, and copywriter Scott Linnen.

Director Nicolai Fuglsig, known for his role in Sony Bravia Balls, worked with production company MJZ with director of integrated production Rupert Samuel, executive producer Matt Bonnin, executive music producer Bill Meadows and business manager Kathy Graham-Smith.

Editor Andre Betz worked with producer Kim Nagel at Bug Editing. Post Effects were done at The Mill, New York.

Birds and the Bees

The music for Volkswagen Rabbits Multiply is “Birds and the Bees”, by Patrick and Eugene.
The sky’s perfect blue
It’s a sign from above that shows we’re in love
And the birds and the bees are flying in the trees
The sun’s in the sky just for you and I
The sky’s turning blue at the thought of you…
It’s a sign from above that shows we’re in love

Music was sourced and arranged by Ten Music, Venice CA, with input from CD Sarah Gavigan, executive producer Rachel Dunn and music supervisor Dan Wilcox. Birds and the Bees was released on an EP and on the album, Postcard from Summerisle, by Tummy Touch Records available at The track was also used in a Gordons Gin advert. Birds and the Bees is available as a CD from