Volkswagen Angel’s Day Off in Rio

Volkswagen have promoted the safety value of the Polo with their latest television commercial, “Angel’s Day Off”. The spot opens with a panoramic view of Rio De Janeiro’s central business district. Down on the streets pedestrians take their lives into their hands as they cross the busy streets. There’s an atmosphere of mystery in the music. As a cello lays out the musical motif we see the supernatural background to the streets: topless male angels with white wings protecting each person, standing behind pedestrians, riding on cars and bicycles. A woman hailing a taxi is saved from being hit by a truck when her angel knocks her parcel out of her arm. A rubbish collector is watched by his guardian angel on the back of the truck.

Web Site Image featuring angel and VW

Our attention is drawn to one particular angel who’s having a day off. Sitting on the powerlines he looks out over the street. He jumps down to walk the streets like a tourist, taking in the sights. He listens in to an intense conversation between women in the laundrette, much to the bemusement of other angels who are keeping their distance. He enjoys watching a game of billiards. He follows up the voice of a rehearsing soprano in a first floor studio. He sits down beside a boy who’s watching ants on the concrete stairs. He walks through a modern art gallery.

Finally, at quarter to four in the afternoon, the supernatural tourist sees a Volkswagen Polo driving through the streets below, without angel. He rushes down the stairs to be there when the driver gets out in the off-street carpark. The VW logo appeears with the text superimposed: “All the protection you need. Polo.” The angel morphs out of our sight as the driver walks to the pavement.

Click on the image below to play the video.

It’s interesting that all the angels are men. And that our angel doesn’t fly down to the car, choosing instead to take the stairs.


‘Angel’s Day Off” was created by advertising agency DDB London, whose team included creative director Jeremy Craigen, creatives Feargal Ballance and Dylan Harrison, with agency producers Richard Chambers and Michael Parker.

Filming was shot in Rio De Janeiro by director Frédéric Planchon via Academy Films (UK) with producer Simon Cooper and director of photography Patrick Duroux.

Editing was done by Paul Watts at The Quarry, London. Post Production was carried out at Framestore London.

Music was composed by James Radford. James Radford won BTA ‘Best Original Music’ with the VW Polo Angel’s Day Off.

Location service was provided by Brazilian film company, Zohar International.