Volkswagen Golf Frog Captured by Fly

Volkswagen have promoted the Golf GT with TSI technology in a television commercial featuring a frog and a fly – an ad that is bound to become part of the world of viral videos. A frog in a swamp is caught out by an over-strong fly and is carried to another water hole. In the background is the new unusually powerful Volkswagen Golf GT. In this case, the saying “Time’s fun when you’re having flies” doesn’t apply!

VW Frog catches fly or Fly catches frog


The campaign was developed at advertising agency DDB Tribal Group, Berlin, by creative director Wolfgang Schneider and Mathias Stiller, art director Kristoffer Heilemann, copywriter Ludwig Berndl and agency producer Marion Langer.

Film production was done through Outsider, London and Markenfilm, Germany. Director Henry Littlechild (Ford Sportka Bird) worked with director of photography David Luther, executive producer Toby Courlander and producer Ben Roberts.

Post production and effects were done at Framestore, London, under the supervision of Inferno artist Ben Cronin.

Sound was designed by Chris Turner at Jungle Studios, London

About the Volkswagen Golf GT

The Volkswagen Golf GT has been released in two versions, the 1.41 l twin charger with TSI technology, and the 2 litre TDI with diesel particulate filter. TSI technology combines direct petrol injection and a twin supercharger, a mechanical supercharger in conjunction with a secondary exhaust turbocharger. The car should be able to produce 7.2 – 7.4 litres per 100 km, at 90 kilowatts or 121 hp per litre of ‘swept volume’. The engine has been downsized, cutting friction losses and achieving a higher level of engine efficiency.