Vogels Bread Grain of Truth

Vogel’s Bread is being relaunched in Australia after a noticeable absence, with a far-fetched campaign of tall stories. In the ‘Paris’ television commercial, Eric Idle tells the story… The story of Alfred Vogel and his amazing bread. Born and bred in Switzerland the intrepid Alfred Vogel had an idea – some may say a half baked idea – to combined mother nature’s most extraordinary grains to make a bread so delicious it would rise to any occasion. Realising his bread was just what the world needed he took the first available flight to Paris. The ad points to grainoftruth.com.au where Vogel’s Bread connoisseurs can further indulge their taste for fantasy.

The Story of Alfred Vogel

Soon his bread became the toast of the city, delighting both the commoner and the Parisian upper crust. Indeed his bread became so fashionable a magazine was launched in its honour. Vogel’s creative use of pumpkin, linseeds, sunflower and soy inspired the term, “What’s in Vogel this week?” Which along with his bread was on the lips of all Paris. “Vogel’s – packed with whole grains and a grain of truth.”

Vogels Grain of Truth Credits

The Vogel’s Grain of Truth campaign is being developed for Goodman Fielder by advertising agency Whybin TBWA, Sydney, with creative director/copywriter Mick Hunter, art director Ian Morton, and agency producer Kaija Wall.

The ‘Paris’ TVC was directed by Vincent Ward at The Sweet Shop, with producer Lynnette Gordon and director of photography John Cavill.

Sound was designed by Barry Stewart and Boyd Moore at Sound Reservoir. Composer/arranger was Hylton Mowday.

La Noyee Music

The song is ‘La Noyée’ by Yann Tiersen, from his 1997 album La Phare, and also inlcluded in the soundtrack of Amelie from Montmartre. Thanks to No Fat Clips for the tip.

La Noyée – Amelie From Montmartre on iTunes

About Vogel’s Bread

Now for a few grains of truth of my own:

Vogel's Bread Mixed GrainIn the 1940s, Max Reizenstein, a German Jewish refugee to NZ, established a small bakery in Ponsonby, Auckland. He provided his combination of barley, oats and rye as an alternative to the only choices available at the time, white and brown. The bakery was purchased by one of his employees, Johan Klisser, a Dutch war orphan who expanded the business and made Vogel’s bread a household name in New Zealand.

Niels Stevns, a Danish immigrant, introduced Vogel’s Bread to Australia after taking a sick relative to meet Swiss naturopath Dr Alfred Vogel. He began the Australian/Vogel Literary Award in 1980. For some reason Goodman Fielder phased out Vogel’s Bread in Australia.

Vogel’s has been made continuously in New Zealand which means that customs officers in Australia have grown used to Australian Kiwis bringing the bread into the country after visiting their original homeland. Vogel’s also makes cereal in New Zealand. See vogels.co.nz

Vogel’s Bread features in Lovemarks and at Homesick-Kiwi.

Vogels Bread Grain of Truth was shortlisted in the Film section at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June 2006.

Vogel's Grain of Truth