United Colors of Benetton celebrate 40 Years of Advertising

Benetton, the international fashion clothing company based in Treviso Italy, has released a number of videos celebrating 40 years in business. Two videos include shots of advertising campaigns used in that time.

Image from January 1965 in Benetton 40 Years clip

Image from December 2006 in Benetton 40 Years clip

40 Years in 40 Seconds

Starting in January 1965 the spot provides an image for every month until December 2006. That’s actually 42 years. The spot was developed by Fabrica.

Family in Benetton 40 Years clip

Baby in Benetton 40 Years clip

40 Anni

Chinese director Zhang Yuan worked on this 3 minute 30 second spot which includes posters, footage of Luciano, Giuliana, Gilberto and Carlo, and Alessandro Benetton, images from Colors, CNN footage, shots of Benetton Formula races, and images from the campaigns and magazines of Oliviero Toscani. The last image is that of a Benetton baby.

Download the Benetton videos from the Benetton 40 Years Site in WMV, MOV and MP4 formats.

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