U2 Window in the Skies Music Videos

U2’s track “Window in the Skies”, released on the 18 album, and due to be released as a single on January 11, has been featured in a music video of edited footage of other performers. The song includes references to the Make Poverty History campaign, with lines like “all debts are removed”, and “Can’t you see what our love has done”. The music video includes footage of a wide range of performers ranging from The Who to Beyonce, alongside footage of African children.

U2 Window in the Skies child

Click on the image below to play the Modernista version of the Window in the Skies video in YouTube

Filming for Window in the Skies was directed by Gary Koepke, one of the founding partners in advertising agency Modernista!. Fresh footage largely consisted of crowd scenes at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne, in which 300 lucky fans got to groove with Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen.

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U2 - U218 Singles (International Version) - Window In the Skies

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Who’s in Window in the Skies

0.12 Frank Zappa
0.14 Hands on the piano
0.16 Billie Holiday
0.17 Simon and Garfunkel
0.18 Roy Orbison
0.19 P J Harvey
0.21 Ella Fitzgerald
0.22 Bob Marley
0.25 David Byrne’s white shoe from Stop Making Sense
0.27 Looking into grass
0.30 Double bass player
0.31 Louis Armstrong
0.33 Drummer’s foot
0.35 Run DMC
0.37 David Bowie?
0.38 Rory Gallagher or Dave Grohl?
0.40 Guitars
0.42 Lou Reed
0.44 Frank Sinatra
0.46 Wilco
0.47 Kanye West?
0.49 Mick Jones (The Clash)
0.51 Nat King Cole
0.55 Paul Cook, Sex Pistols drummer?
0.56 Keith Moon on drums
0.57 Rolling Stones
0.58 Nina Simone
0.59 Bon Jovi?
0.60 Marvin Gaye
1.01 Janis Joplin
1.02 Temptations
1.05 Sharleen Spiteri, Texas
1.06 Elvis Costello
1.07 The Ramones
1.10 Jimi Hendrix?
1.12 Topless cymbal player John Bonham from Led Zeppelin with Guster
1.13 Krist Novoselic on bass (Nirvana)
1.15 Dave Grohl on drums (Nirvana)
1.16 Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
1.18 Grass shots
1.23 Joe Strummer (The Clash)
1.24 Johnny Cash
1.26 Iggy Pop
1.28 Grass
1.31 Radiohead (Thom Yorke)
1.34 Mary J. Blige
1.36 Jane’s Addiction
1.37 Elvis Presley
1.39 Guitarist
1.40 Al Green
1.43 Morrisey
1.44 Beck
1.45 Beyonce?
1.47 Elton John
1.48 The Police
1.49 Run DMC?
1.50 Wu Tang Klan
1.51 Sharon Corr or Arcade Fire?
1.52 Beck?
1.53 The Temptations
1.54 Jack White
1.55 Meg White
1.57 Funkadelic
1.58 Kurt Cobain jumping
1.59 Nuclear explosion
2.06 Black and white crowd footage
2.07 Colour crowd footage
2.08 Drummer
2.10 Outside crowd footage
2.11 Bono in crowd?
2.12 Charles Mingus
2.13 Bass guitar player
2.15 Drummer hits cymbals Pete Doherty?
2.20 Keith Richards
2.22 Jimi Hendrix
2.23 Black and white concert
2.34 Grass footage
2.25 Lenny Kravitz?
2.28 Female singer?
2.29 Couples embrace
2.31 Chrissie Hynde
2.32 Alicia Keys
2.33 Ray Charles
2.34 Little Richard
2.35 Clash
2.36 John Bonham on drums (Led Zeppelin)
2.37 Smokey Robinson
2.38 Keith Moon
2.41 David Bowie
2.42 Billie Holiday
2.43 Smokey Robinson
2.44 ????
2.46 Elvis Presley
2.49 Robert Plant
2.51 Vladimir Horowitz
2.54 Ronnie Spector
2.56 dancing feet
2.58 Bare feet on stage
2.59 Bonham on drums
3.00 arm twirling band (Stars and Stripes)
3.02 Queen
3.03 Queen
3.04 Newport Jazz Festival
3.05 Black & White crowd footage
3.06 Rappers
3.07 Crowd footage
3.09 Guy in white trousers
3.10 David Byrne (Talking Heads)
3.12 White suit Chuck D from Public Enemy?
3.14 Chuck D claps hands with…
3.16 Flava Flav
3.21 Crowd
3.22 Jerry Lee Lewis
3.27 U2 in crowd
3.29 ???
3.30 Jay-Z
3.32 Crowd
3.35 Patti Smith
3.36 Apollo Sunshine
3.37 Steview Wonder on drums
3.38 Footage from Africa from When We Were Kings
3.43 Novoselic?
3.44 People walking
3.48 lead guitar – Prince?
3.49 The Edge in the audience
3.51 Bass player
3.52 Adam in the audience
3.57 African footage from The Constant Gardener
4.00 Red poppies
4.03 Frank Sinatra

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Modernista! director/executive creative director/art director Gary Koepke worked with art director Nathan Naylor, director of broadcast Charles Wolford, associate producer Joyce Chen, production assistant Alejandra Ravassa, business affairs manager Jeff Estow, editors David Brodie and Max Koepke, assistant editor Julian Wadsworth.

Post production at The Mill, New York, was done by creative director Angus Kneale, producers Verity Grantham and Dan Roberts, and lead Flame artist Dan Williams. The art team included flame artists Dirk Greene, Richard de Carteret, Westley Sarokin, Gavin Wellsman, Mark French, Aska Otagke, Cole Schreiber, Smoke artists Jeff Robins and Tristian Wade, Combustion artists Jeanette Willford, Anu Nagaraj and Winston Lee, Telecine artists Fergus McCall and Sal Malfitano, support artists Gigi Ng and Mary Casey, 3D animators Ben Smith, Pete Hamilton, Kevin Ives, Jin Choi, Emily Meger and Wyatt Seavarese.

“It was a highly collaborative process” said Mill Creative Director Angus Kneale. The Mill New York assembled one of the more unique workflow environments for the project. Two editorial workstations were integrated into the Flame suite. Dan Williams along with a sizeable team at The Mill New York integrated all the footage and carefully finessed the lip-sync to match the lyrics. It was important to maintain the magic of the spot by producing mouths that felt natural and unaffected. A range of techniques were used, mostly simple time warps and speed changes. In some rare cases, complex mouth manipulations were performed in order to achieve the required sync. It was important that the work generated did not detract from the integrity of the video. In addition to the seamless effects work, the theme of light and red was used to tie everything together. Extra light effects were added to emphasize the melody of the piece and give the images their own rhythm.

Window In the Skies (Modernista Version) – U2 on iTunes

Nexus Version of the Music Video

Window in the Skies has been released in a second music video using photography from U2’s recent biographical book, U2 By U2. It’s known as the Nexus Version, directed by Jonas Odell, Film Tecknarna and Nexus Productions, with producer Lisa Möller, music producer Rick Rubin and production manager Isobel Conroy.

Click on the image below to play the Alternate Window in the Skies Music video in YouTube

U2 By U2 at Amazon.com

Window In the Skies (Nexus Version) – U2 on iTunes

Lyrics for Window in the Skies

Aaah, Aaah,
Ooh ooh…

The shackles are undone
The bullets quit the gun
The heat thats in the sun
Will keep us when there’s none

The rule has been disproved
The stone has been moved
The grain is now a groove
All debts are removed, ooh

Oh can’t you see what our love has done
Oh can’t you see what our love has done
Oh can’t you see what our love has done
What it’s doing to me

Love makes strange enemies
Makes love when love may please
Soul in a strip tease
Hate brought to its knees

Sky over our head
Can reach it from our bed
If you let me in your heart
And out of my head

Oh can’t you see what our love has done
[ these lyrics found on http://www.completealbumlyrics.com ]
Oh can’t you see what our love has done
Oh can’t you see what our love has done
What it’s doing to me

Oh oh oh hhhhhhhhhhh
Oh oh oh hhhhhhhhhhh
Please don’t ever let me out of here

I’ve got no shame
oh no oh no

Oh can’t you see what love has done
Oh can’t you see
Oh can’t you see what love has done
What it’s doing to me

Oh I know I hurt you and I made you cry
Did everything but murder but you and I
But love left a window in the skies
And to love I rhapsodize

Oh can’t you see what love has done to every broken heart
Oh can’t you see what love has done for every heart that cries
Love left a window in the skies
And to love I rhapsodize

Oh can’t you see?

  • Kristin

    I have a coworker whose husband works in music rights management and she was able to clarify a few of these clips for me. Here are her suggestions:

    :59 is Sam and Dave

    1:01 is Ozzy Osbourne

    2:34 isn’t Little Richard; it’s Buddy Guy (same moustaches makes it confusing)

    3:00 We think it’s the Who

    3:01 is Kiss with the explosion (see Gene Simmons’ cape on the right)

    3:02 We think it’s Fishbone (see the face painting on the guy in the white pants)

    3:04 it’s Muddy Waters at the Newport Jazz Festival

    • aijsaoij@wp.pl

      0:59 is Mick Jagger from Hyde Park.

  • Bernie

    2.51 is Horowitz!

    • And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me strhaigt.

  • Sheepstealer

    .38 is definitely Angus Young

  • Sheepstealer

    1.52 – I’m pretty sure this one is Joey Ramone — look at the jacket and the background found in this picture:


    Also, the one at 3:01 is not Kiss. Gene Simmons doesn’t wear a cape (he has bat wings under his arms that don’t show unless his arms ar up), and he’s always on the left side of the stage. I’m going to agree with the list above that says that photo is Queen. It DOES look like Brian May.

    my two cents.

  • Paul Tholen

    It’s not keith richards right before jimmy hendrix. It’s quite obvious that it’s George Harisson of The Beatles. A bit more likely since it’s in black and white isn’t it? It’s at 2:22 and if it has been said before, miscuzi…


    • Chris Gardner

      I thought it was george harrison but its acually keith richards look at a very young picture of him

  • Dav_id

    why does black and white make it ‘quite obvious’? do you even know when the stones began, paul? do you know that they dressed like little beatles rip-offs before they found their own style? do u KNOW what george looks like? bollocks!

  • It’s weird that Bob Dylan and Van Morrison weren’t included in the video.

  • Shahid

    1.39 Unidentified Guitarist……….its Johnny Frusciante from RHCP.. video for Under The BRidge..i think

    • TheBizcochuelo

      it’s john i’m sure, but not from the under the bridge, notice the fender jag there is red and on the video it’s a green one 🙂 i recognized his lovely magical hands too

  • Nordberg

    We all know it is Richards and not Harrison. Don’t get wound up by the uneducated. As mentioned before, the Beatles didn’t give permission until the re-release of the video, but it is uncanny how similar they look if you don’t know any better.

  • Nordberg

    Oh, and it is definitely Jackie Wilson in there later on too…..

  • Andy

    It is definitley Bjork, NOT PJ Harvey at .19.

    Also, before her is Elton John.

  • Rachel

    2.20 is George Harrison, not Keith Richards.

  • jota

    the man in the piano is the famous chilean pianist claudio arrau

    • Ariel

      the man in the piano is the famous ukranian pianist vladimir horowitz

  • cgshort


    3:57 I own and re-reviewed “When We Were Kings” & “The Constant Gardener” – both are just amazing works, but the footage is from “When We Were Kings.”

    0.19 is Bjork, but date is uncertain – may be ‘Sugarcubes’ era.

    This piece of work just astounds me. Truly brilliant.

  • Paul

    Hey, did anyone realise that at 2.49 where robert plant makes the appearance. You can actually hear plant singing “Oh Can You” behind the voice of Bono. I tried listening to it on the the track but i couldn’t hear it though. Only on the video. You guys hear any other artist sing?

  • emde

    0. 38 not Dave Grohl, for sure!

  • Fernando

    so cool those frames when you see bono face in the audience.
    i didn’t notice until i saw it twice.

  • felipe

    2.20 Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Nooooooo… IT´S GEORGE HARRISON, FROM THE BEATLES!

  • Andy

    .38: Definitely Angus Young.
    1.01: It’s Janis!
    1.05: Unfortunately (for me), it’s not Sharleen Spiteri. I read in Rolling Stone that Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) appeared in the video. Looking with a little more accuracy, it’s Karen O.

  • marco

    Keith Richards without any doubt.Did u see Gibson guitar?

  • Leila

    0.37 IS David Bowie, for sure.

    1.01: It is not Janis Joplin, since when Janis had short strait hair, wore a white shirt and a suit and trashed? It IS without any doubt Ozzy

    1.33 Is Thom Yorke, no doubt, it couldnt be Paul McCartney, no way. McCartney doesnt have that kind of lighting at his shows

    1.39 The Unidentified guitarist is John Frusciante, i agree, it is not Dire Straits’ guitarist

    2.22 It is Keith Richards, not George. You can see from the way he plays, the mouth, the enthousiasm, theyre definitly Keith’s. Soooooo stupid, luis-gastav, to say its not Keith because its black and white, when do you think the Rolling Stones started? try not to be so convinced about your musical knowledge please.
    –> marco, Harrison played a Gibson too..

    2.25 Is Jimi Hendrix, not Lenny Kravitz, Kravitz never had an afro like that, his afro was perfectly cut and the footage is way too old to be him in it.

    2.34 is not Buddy Guy nor Little Richard. Both had darker skin and Little Richard had a boney face, it may be Smokey Robinson

  • Deves

    Near the end, at about 3:00, couldn’t that rapper dressed in white be Vanilla Ice?


  • Wombat

    Who is 2:44 in that version? I’d really like to know.

  • nick

    the drummer’s foot at around .34 is definitely john bonham’s from led zeppelin. i recognize it off of their ‘How the West Was Won’ concert dvd.

  • SARS


  • Gian Paolo

    3.48/3.49 : Lead guitar by FRANK ZAPPA, from the concert DOES HUMOR BELONG IN MUSIC? …not Prince neither Nirvana, I’m pretty sure 🙂 CHEERS GUYS

  • harrisonianne

    Oh no.

    He’s Keith Richards, not George Harrison.

    I understand that they have a little closer-look when they was youngers… but the guy that appears on the scene is Richards…

  • brain

    1:49 Three Six Mafia
    2:34 Buddy Guy
    2:37 Sam Cooke

  • nabucodonoson

    At the link below my personal video of the U2 “Window in the Sky” with subtitle (name of the artist in the photogram clip).
    Please report here my error


  • Anna

    The woman in the picture at top of comments is Carmen McRae.

  • diosav

    00:59 George Harrison

  • cristobal

    the man in the picture at 2:44 is claudio arrau a famous chilean pianist

  • brain

    Sorry Cristobal, that isn’t Caludio Arrau. It is Vladimir Horowitz from his April 20, 1986 Moscow recital. See this website: http://www.answers.com/topic/vladimir-horowitz-in-performance-jpeg

    The link is a screen capture from the DVD of that Moscow performance.

  • MD

    1.39 Guitarist

    John Frusciante has been mentioned, but this is a Fender Bass VI -> probably candy apple red, and with white pickguard (& the pickup switches seem to have been removed?).
    Not too many people play that instrument & this one doesn’t seem to belong to any of the favourite ones (like Robert Smith) who’s VIs weren’t that color.
    This being such a “rare” instrument, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out though.

    • TheBizcochuelo

      you’re sure that’s not a red fender jaguar?

  • Krista

    Yupp, you’re right. It’s Keith, not George. Though they may look kind of (only kind of :P) similar, George doesn’t move like that when he’s playing.

  • Not Angus, but Cliff Williams (bass) from AC/DC – you can see his bass at :40. If you need a reference on that, check out some AC/DC films from the mid seventies.

  • Joey

    3.48 is Zappa!!! not Prince 1000000000% sure

  • Tealey

    I’m not sure whether anyone cares that much about this any more but the black and white footage at 2:24 is from the “Monkey Gone to Heaven” video from the Pixies.

    I’m also pretty sure it’s Topper Headon and not Paul Cook at the beginning just before Keith Moon.

    Cheers for now.

  • …. should be …

    0.19 of course bjork

    o.21 dionne warwick (ella can’t look that modern and should be much more older )

    1.05 i think it’s karen-o from YEAH YEAH YEAH’S (it’s too skinny for spiteri and too alternative looking also)

    1.49 unindentifed rappers MUST be wu-tang (it’s obvious)

    3.12 chuck-d don’t wear glasses , and it be stupid to be again flavor flav , because he is appearing in a second there , with chuck
    …… so i guess it’s RUN dmc again ….with some golden collar
    (not watch eventually )

    that’s for now what i think , but it should be more i guess 🙂

  • Jimmy Jazz

    I’d recognize the crowd at 2:10 ANYWHERE! That’s the crowd from Green Day’s famous Milton Keynes gig in July of ’05 which is documented on their live DVD “Bullet In A Bible”! PLEASE, edit the list so that appears on it!

    2:10 Green Day audience

  • Claire

    ok guys, at 2,21 min. is GEORGE HARRISON from the BEATLES!! It’s obvius! 1 for the look(the hair, the clothes) 2 the way how he plays guitar, 3 cause Harrison is among the most important guitarists of the entire history of music, more then keith richards…(moreover beatles had renew a lot of the kinds of music.The stones?)

    • misterville

      This version of the video does not have any Beatles image due some…nevermind, this is a 2013 reply ¬¬

  • Chris Gardner

    1:30 is defiently paul mccartney

  • alex

    How didn’t they put Michael Jackson in there? They have bejonce or kanye west but not Jackson?? Wow, nice U2. Glad that you know your music history.

  • Paola

    En el minuto 1.32 es Muse por supuesto

  • massi

    I’ve see a good work of this video with subtitles of the artist at the link:


  • Eric

    It’s strange how these people come on here and insist that George Harrison and Paul McCartney are in the video. Presumably they consider themselves Beatles fans, yet they don’t seem to have a very good idea what the Beatles looked like. The guy at 1:31 looks very superficially like Paul but is certainly not him; it looks like Thom Yorke to me. The guy before Jimi at 2:20 is not George Harrison; it is definitely Keith Richards (here he looks very similar to the way he looked when they were on the TAMI show). The Beatles are perhaps the greatest band ever and certainly deserved to be on here as much or more than everyone who is (the same could be said for Bob Dylan — though I don’t car as much about Michael Jackson’s absence), but that doesn’t mean they are. I suspect what one commenter said about a delay in getting permission was the problem.

    At the beginning the singer after Roy Orbison looks like Bjork to me. But the one after that is Ella Fitzgerald, not Dionne Warwick. Look at videos of Ella from the 1970s and you’ll see it’s her.

    I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly think the artist between Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye was Bon Jovi — the singer is black, for starters. Sam and Dave is probably right for that one.

    The group with the explosion certainly look like Queen (with John Deacon on the left, Brian May on the right in the cape and Freddie Mercury in the middle with his arms raised). Not sure about the group before the explosion; they look a little like the Who, though I didn’t know they ever hung an American flag on stage.

  • Nico

    2.51 is Arcade Fire. I saw this exact live video and
    I immediately said “this part is in the Window in the Skies video!!”

    • misterville

      Yes, It’s on the Coachella compilation performances DVD. 😀