Stephen Fry Brews Twinings Everyday Tea

Stephen Fry features in Twinings’ recent television advertising campaigns for Everyday Tea and Green Tea. The Everyday Tea ads are written up at the Twinings site.

Stephen Fry Everyday Twinings ad

The first ad in the campaign has Fry telling us how Twinings have brought out a tea that is easy to pronounce. SCENE 1: “As a sophisticated, debonair type, I’ve always enjoyed my Twinings. But they’ve always made ones with funny names like lapdog shoe snog! Until now…” SCENE 2: “Now, this is the famous Twinings blending room. Behind these very doors they’ve been blending since 1706. Finally, after 300 years, they’ve come up with this.” SCENE 3: “An everyday tea you can drink all day long. 300 years? What took them so long?! New Everyday Tea from Twinings. A tea you can drink all day long.” Fry turns around to bang on the doors of the blending room. “Oh come on, let me in, what have you been doing for the last 300 years?!”

In other ads Fry admits that he would be ashamed to give Twinings Everyday tea to his builder. With a phrase reminiscent of PG Wodehouse he says that Twinings Rapid Response Blending unit has sprung into action and given us a new everyday tea. He calls on fellow Britons to “let your stiff upper lips cavort like a wanton gypsy as they hover over a mug of Twinings New Everyday Tea”.

The Green Tea campaign has Fry under the care of a personal trainer who has him imbibing a variety of green teas for his health. The grueling regime has him taking pineapple and grapefruit on Mondays, orange and lotus flower on Wednesdays, and pear and apple on Fridays. In the interests of avoiding injury he has the weekends off. “New, Fruit Flavoured Green Teas from Twinings.”


The Twinings Stephen Fry advertising campaign was brewed up at Leagas Delaney, London, by Tim Delaney and Rob Burleigh. The account has since passed to Lowe London, though it is expected that Stephen Fry will feature in further advertisements.

The Twinings Stephen Fry TV ads were directed by John Lloyd and produced by Stephen Gash at QI Commercials, the same company that produces “Quite Interesting” with Stephen Fry as host.

The Stephen Fry Twinings ads were edited by Ian Weil. Post production was done at Framestore, London. Sound was engineered at The Tape Gallery.