Publishing TV Commercials on YouTube

YouTube is perhaps the fastest growing avenue for viral advertising available to advertising agencies today. However most of the TV commercials on YouTube are breaking YouTube’s copyright regulations, with the exception of a few uploaded by enterprising creatives…

Broadcast Yourself at YouTube

Sprite’s Sublymonal campaign was leaked on to YouTube on May 23 by “Lymonatrix“. The YouTube videos in turn were featured in the Sublymonal web site, See the Sublymonal story here on this site.

Tim Piper, of Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, released four of Dove’s self esteem videos on to YouTube, interacting with other users. See the Dove stories here at The Inspiration Room Daily: Evolution, Daughters and Little Girls.

In August YouTube launched ‘brand channels’, in which companies could customize their own interactive environment. Warner Bros Music led the way with their promotion for the new Paris Hilton album: Paris Hilton Channel.

Four Steps

So what’s involved in broadcasting yourself at YouTube?

1. Join the community. Sign up as a director. Develop your profile. The ‘Director’ feature gives you free access to logo co-branding, company URL and company description on all your video pages. You’re able to upload videos longer than the normal 10 minute limit.
2. Interact with the community. Take a look at videos on YouTube. Comment on others.
3. Upload your videos. YouTube recommends MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 320×240 resolution with MP3 audio, at 30 frames per second.
4. Get ready for user comments, not just on the product, but also on the video.

Issues for Professional YouTube Directors

1. Permission from clients, agencies, production companies etc.
2. Permission from actors. I’ve seen one case recently in which a company had to remove their online videos due to the fact they hadn’t negotiated online access to images and videos of the actors.
3. Potential for people to download the clips as FLV videos.

So who else do you know who’s released their own spots on YouTube? What are the other issues you’re aware of?

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  • RE: Copyright issues / You Tube

    Animal Makers is finding many of it’s award-winning animal commercials on You Tube. We have started filing use violations with the company and will see how responsive You Tube is.

  • Maree Nelson

    I am trying to find a picture of the Angel which appears in the Australian Phylidelphia cheese tv ad so i can get my hair cut like hers. She has short blonde coloured hair and it is a short cut. Can you please send me one or point me to where i can get a copy for my hairdresser.


  • heather

    I want to find this advert, it’s this guy sitting on a chair, in a lab, and these two scientists hit this guy over the head with a wet fish, and everytime they finish hitting him he says “NEIN” he does this several times, until they finally finish and he shouts out “EYAR!” He has long blond hair and has blueish boxers on (nothing else) it’s really hiliarious and i want to watch it again and again so can anyone tell me if it’s in youtube? thank you x