Toyota Camry The Car That Reads The Road

Toyota is promoting the Camry in Australia with a series of television advertisements featuring a three dimensional CGI world in which objects take on the shape of words. The fifteen second pre-launch, Toyota Planet, begins with a shower of meteors approaching planet Earth. As we zoom in on Australia, we see a solar panel, clouds, a city, a golf course, bush and a lake. A 747 jet flies over the city, we keep zooming in, now viewing a park, a monorail. At street level, we see a sleek black Toyota Camry, backed by skyscrapers. The voiceover: “Toyota is looking at the world in a completely new way”.

Toyota Camry in TV ad

A 15 second teaser, “World”, begins in outer space and ends up on the road. “Toyota is looking at the world in a totally new way…”

In “Slipper Styling” a silver Toyota Camry drives through a number of road hazards, including slippery oil, a truck with an unstable load of dangerous cartons and bits and pieces. “The new Camry Grande comes with traction control, and vehicle stability control, so it knows what to do in emergencies. Intuitive new Camry. The car that reads the road.”

In “Hazards” a silver Toyota Camry is driven through the city, crossing a bridge, with birds in the sky. As the driver discovers a traffic jam linked to a multi-vehicle crash, he consults his digital trip computer to find a quick way. He drives through a storm, through a tunnel, and out into the open. “The new Camry Grande comes with satellite navigation, blue tooth phone integration, rain sensing wipers, and automatic headlights. So all you have to do is drive. Intuitive new Camry. The car that reads the road.”

In “Sportivo Open Road” a black Toyota Camry Sportivo drives through the country, passing trees, fences, a caravan, a freight train, and a flock of geese flying south. As it drives along the coast we see the words, “Enjoy” sculpted into the cliffs. “There is a car with a sophisticated VBTI engine – a car available with a 5-speed intelligent automatic. A car that always finds the perfect balance between power and economy. Intuitive new Camry. The car that reads the road.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The Toyota Camry Grande New World campaign was developed at Publicis Mojo, Sydney, by regional executive creative director Darren Spiller, copywriters Steve Jackson, Alex Derwin and Mike Burdick, head of art Simon Cox, art director Russell Heubach, strategist and automotive specialist Amanda Wheeler, and agency producer Nigel Kenneally.

The prelaunch 15 second TV commercial was put together by animation director Scotty Wilcox at Fanatic Films, Sydney, with producer Jayne da Costa, concept designer David Webster, technical directors Nigel Haslam and Chris Gardner, animators Chris Gardner and Nigel Haslam, environment modellers Celine Velasco and Justin Robson, with matte painting by the appropriately named Steve Matson.

The 30 second campaign post production was developed at Brand New School, New York, by director/concept artist Jonathan Notaro and Jens Gehlhaar, animation director Dickson Chow, print producer Greg Tearne, photographer Ian Butterworth, art buyer Alison Dunlop, producer Amanda Slamin, Flame artist Blake The Colt Huber, compositors Irene Park, Bee Jin Tan, Jin Lee, Jose Fuentes, Amber Kusmenko, Rotoscopers Tonya Smay, Brendan Smith, Connie Conrad, Shana Silberberg, Anca Risa , designers Keetra Dixon, Danny Ruiz, Eric Adolfsen, Ludovic “The Wolf” Schorno , 3D artists Ylli Orana, Jordan Blit, Mike “Tequila” Papagni, Helen Choi, Kyle Cassidy, Kitty Lin, Kim Kehoe, Matt Connolly, Tony Barbeiri, Sung Kim, Doug Vitarelli, Ho Sik Nam, concept artist Ronald Kuraiawan, and account team Susan Coghill and Amanda Wheeler.

Wellington city scene in Toyota Camry Slippery Style ad

The city shots were filmed in Wellington, New Zealand. The country shots were filmed in the Wairarapa region, New Zealand. Local production services were provided by Cherokee Films, Auckland, by director of photography Chris White, production designer Danny Black, first assistant director Toby Pease, precision driver Mark Prowse, producer Katie Smith and production manager Carey Johnson.

Sound was designed by Simon Kane at SongZu.

Editorial work was done at BlueRock, New York, by Geordie Anderson.

Joey Ramone Don’t Worry About Me Album at

The three thirty second ads are accompanied by an upbeat version of “Wonderful World“, originally written for Louis Armstrong in 1968. The well known lyrics are sung by Joey Ramone: “I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

Joey Ramone iTunes Banner

Music for the 60 second spots is “Age of Consent” by New Order.

New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies - Age of Consent